News |To Be Continued reinventing the disposable camera with a transparent twists

To Be Continued reinventing the disposable camera with a transparent twist

IUTD Studios Unveils a Unique, Endless 35mm Film Camera


IUTD Studios is a company that draws talent from Canada, Croatia, and the UAE and has innovatively reimagined the concept of disposable cameras with their latest creation, To Be ContinuedTM (TBC). This camera has been designed by Shraeyas Massey, Joshua Cirjak, and Ferj David and blends film with modern design.

To Be ContinuedTM (TBC) started life in a garage with 3D printed parts before the camera evolved into a more complex design featuring a custom translucent ABS body adding a distinctive aesthetic by exposing the camera’s internal mechanisms.

The camera supports 35mm film (24x36mm), with an ISO range of 200/400, and features an optical lens of 28mm/F8. Its focus-free mechanism, manual wind and rewind film transport, and built-in flash enhance the retro feel. TBC also includes a carabiner attachment and a gel sheet for experimental photography.

Release and Availability
As of now, specific details regarding the release date and availability of To Be ContinuedTM (TBC) are yet to be announced but we’ll bring you more details as and when we hear.

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