News |Thypoch Launches SIMERA and Eureka Lenses with Vintage and Modern Innovationss

Thypoch Launches SIMERA and Eureka Lenses with Vintage and Modern Innovations

New lens series blends classical aesthetics with advanced technology

Thypoch Launches SIMERA and Eureka Lenses

Thypoch is, a lens brand looking to blend traditional aesthetics with contemporary lens technology and has just unveiled its latest products—the SIMERA and Eureka lens series. These lenses are designed to meet the demands of digital photographers for both nostalgia and a step back from the clinical detail of modern photography. These lenses are designed as artistic tools that not only capture images but encapsulate the spirit of different photographic eras.

The SIMERA series includes the 28mm and 35mm f/1.4 ASPH lenses, which are native to the Leica M-mount. These lenses are celebrated for their low chromatic aberration and high corner sharpness, promising exceptional image quality in today’s digital age while adhering to the aesthetic of the “today” concept from which their name is derived. Their key features include a 14-blade aperture, a click/de-click aperture switch, and a depth of field indicator, enhancing both usability and photographic depth.

On the other hand, the Thypoch Eureka 50mm lens, inspired by the iconic collapsible designs of the 1950s, is a tribute to vintage lens craftsmanship. It is compatible with the latest Hasselblad CFV100C and is capable of covering a 100-megapixel medium format. Its design allows for a minimal extension from 2.7cm to 4.12cm, making it highly portable and ideal for discreet street and portrait photography. The Eureka 50mm lens is noted for its centre and corner sharpness, rivalling contemporary models in image fidelity.

Both lens lines reflect Thypoch’s philosophy of “i-photography”, which emphasizes personal reflection through photography, drawing inspiration from notable photographers like Vivian Maier, Saul Leiter, and Andres Kertesz. This approach aligns with Thypoch’s vision of lenses as mirrors to the world, shaped by the interpretation of light and personal perspective.

Thypoch’sFor more information, visit Thypoch’s official site.

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