News |Tamaggo 360LiveCam goes on sale, priced $399 / £399s

Tamaggo 360LiveCam goes on sale, priced $399 / £399

Tamaggo 360LiveCam goes on sale, priced $399 / £399

The Tamaggo 360LiveCam, one of the few 360 cameras to offer a built-in live view screen, has gone on sale with a $399 price tag.

The egg-shaped Tamaggo 360LiveCam’s standout feature is a 1.5in touchscreen built into the bottom of the camera on which users can preview images.

Alternatively, you can use the camera’s companion app for iOS and Android to preview scenes.

Like some other 360 cameras, such as the 360Fly 4K, the Tamaggo employs a single lens in its design, and images and video don’t need stitching via dedicated software before sharing online.

Its lens offers an f/2.2 aperture with a 360°x220° field of view.

The Tamaggo 360LiveCam uses a 12-megapixel Sony sensor which can record still images in 4K resolution and video in Full HD.

Other features include an external microSD card slot, WiFi and Bluetooth capability, internal gyroscope for stabilisation and a battery life offering up to 2 hours of video recording.

The Tamaggo 360LiveCam price tag is $399 / £399 and is on sale from Tamaggo’s website.

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