News |PEAKTO 1.9.5 Claims to Streamline Photo Organization with AIs

PEAKTO 1.9.5 Claims to Streamline Photo Organization with AI

PEAKTO 1.9.5: Redefining Photo Management and Organization for Photographers


If you haven’t come across PEAKTO before, then it’s worth taking note, especially if you have countless images that need organisation. PEAKTO 1.9.5 introduces a host of new features and improvements designed to elevate the way you manage, organize, and view your photos.

As every photographer knows, image management is a necessary chore, and however good our intentions, we rarely sit down and properly manage our photo libraries. This means that we can often be left with an enormous volume of images, and as winter approached the thought of managing, organizing, and preserving the images from the yeat can be a daunting task. This is precisely where PEAKTO steps in.

Revolutionizing Photo Management: The core mission of CYME is to empower individuals to take control of their digital photo libraries. PEAKTO 1.9.5 accomplishes this by offering a unified navigation interface that brings together photos from various formats and storage locations. This revolutionary approach eliminates the need for creating duplicate copies of images, ensuring that no cherished memory is forgotten within the depths of a hard drive.

AI-Powered Photo Organization: PEAKTO 1.9.5 leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to categorize photos automatically based on content. Whether it’s portraits, landscapes, food, wildlife, or any other subject, the AI can distinguish and classify images effortlessly. This ensures that photographers can quickly locate their most beautiful and relevant pictures.

Easy Search and Retrieval: Finding a specific image is a breeze with PEAKTO’s advanced search capabilities. Users can simply describe an image, and the AI will analyze the entire photo database to retrieve matching images. This feature is language-agnostic and can be associated with person and place tags, making it highly versatile.

Aesthetic Selection: PEAKTO 1.9.5 goes a step further by selecting the best shots based on automatic aesthetic scores. This feature aids photographers in quickly identifying their finest work, simplifying the process of curating their portfolio.

Compatibility and Integration: PEAKTO 1.9.5 seamlessly integrates with popular photo editing applications such as Apple Photos, Lightroom, Capture One, Instagram, and many others. It offers full-resolution previews and provides direct access to editing apps, ensuring a smooth workflow for photographers.

Flexible Export Options: Photographers can export images in full resolution, even if the photos are scattered across different locations and formats. PEAKTO also offers the convenience of batch exports and alerts users if an image is not in high resolution.

Pricing and Availability: PEAKTO is available exclusively for Mac users and can be accessed through subscription plans (monthly or annual) or as a one-time purchase. To allow users to experience its full potential, PEAKTO offers a 15-day free trial without the need for a credit card.

Sustainable Photo Management: In addition to its powerful features, CYME is committed to promoting digital sobriety and ecological responsibility. PEAKTO is designed to encourage photographers to keep only the most meaningful images, reducing digital clutter and the carbon footprint associated with excessive digital data.

PEAKTO 1.9.5 is available for download on CYME’s official website and the Mac App Store. Users can explore a range of subscription options, including a monthly plan for $9.99 per seat, a yearly plan for $59.99 (equivalent to $4.99/month per seat), and a one-time purchase option for $189 per seat.

More to Come: PEAKTO 1.9.5 is just the beginning of CYME’s software journey. The company has ambitious plans to further enhance photo navigation, encourage digital sobriety, and facilitate the sharing of an artist’s best images and memories. Regular updates will be rolled out throughout the year, promising even more exciting features and capabilities.

Who Is Behind CYME: CYME is driven by a team of photography enthusiasts with a deep appreciation for the Mac ecosystem and a strong commitment to environmental sustainability. The co-founders, Claudia, Thomas, and Matthieu, bring over a decade of experience in the field, making them well-equipped to support both professional and amateur photographers in regaining control of their photo collections.

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