News |SteadyCross launches magnetic camera stabaliser

SteadyCross launches magnetic camera stabaliser

SteadyCross magnetic camera stabaliser

Motor-driven stabilisers have become the must-have accessory for filmmakers, but they’re not the only choice. You have the old counterweight style and now with the SteadyCross a magnetic solution.

Simplicity is the key to this new style and design of stabiliser and as with the motor-driven gimbals, there’s no need for training.

The design has been developed for comfort and functionality with a single and dual grip option depending on your preference.

The big advantage over the motorised versions is that with no motors there’s no need for batteries, and therefore it will never run out of steam.

One issue that can appear with motorised gimbals is the slightly sterile look of the fluid motion when compared with the likes of a trained expert on a Steadicam.

However, without the motors, the SteadyCross is able to bring the look of the motorised and counterweighted together to produce smooth natural movement.

The SteadyCross campaign has already hit it’s target on IndieGoGo, for more information on the SteadyCross check out the campaign page.

SteadyCross magnetic camera stabaliser
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SteadyCross magnetic camera stabaliser
SteadyCross magnetic camera stabiliser like the motorised and counterbalanced stabilisers and gimbals enables you to shoot smooth pro footage.
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Camera Jabber
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