News |Sony Launches CEB-G480T and CEB-G240T CFexpress Type B Cardss

Sony Launches CEB-G480T and CEB-G240T CFexpress Type B Cards

High-speed, large-capacity cards enhance professional workflows

Sony CEB-G480T

Sony has just announced the CEB-G480T and CEB-G240T memory cards, the latest expansions to its G Series CFexpress Type B lineup. These new offerings are engineered to meet the high-performance needs of professional photographers, videographers, and photography enthusiasts, providing them with more stable and reliable operations for extended shooting sessions.

The CEB-G480T offers a substantial 480 GB of storage with maximum read and write speeds of 1850 MB/s and 1750 MB/s, respectively. Meanwhile, the CEB-G240T provides a 240 GB capacity, with the same peak read speed and a write speed of 1600 MB/s. These impressive speeds are particularly beneficial when paired with high-resolution cameras, allowing for the swift capture of high-bitrate video and large high-resolution photos without bottlenecking the workflow.

Sony has designed these cards with a focus on enhancing the user’s workflow. Fast data transfers to PCs are ensured with the use of the CFexpress Type B card reader MRW-G1, sold separately, facilitating quick project turnovers. Additionally, the cards come with the capability to utilize Sony’s scan and rescue software applications, offering users peace of mind. The Media Scan Utility, in conjunction with the MRW-G1 card reader, provides automatic scanning of the memory card to inform users of its condition and remaining storage capacity. Furthermore, the Memory Card File Rescue service enables the recovery of accidentally deleted files, adding an extra layer of security for professionals who cannot afford to lose their precious work.

Durability is also a key feature of the CEB-G480T and CEB-G240T cards. They are built to be tougher than previous models, offering five times greater drop strength and three times greater bendability. Additionally, these cards can operate flawlessly under extreme conditions, including exposure to extreme temperatures, X-rays, electrostatic, and intensive UV sunlight. This ensures that professionals can rely on them in virtually any shooting environment.

Physically, each card measures 29.6mm x 38.5mm x 3.8mm and weighs approximately 10g, so standard size specifications!

The CEB-G480T and CEB-G240T will be hitting the market in April 2024, with retail prices set at approximately £340 and £220, respectively. For more details check out

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