Sony firmware adds custom settings to A7R IV, A7R III, A7 III My Menu

Sony's new firmware also adds an External Flash Set function

Sony A7III review

Sony has issued a new firmware update for the A7R IV, A7R III and A7 III, which adds the option for saving and loading custom settings within the My Menu.

The new Sony firmware also introduces an External Flash Set option, among other performance enhancements. According to Sony, the new firmware:

  • Enables use of “My Menu” to save or load custom camera settings
  • Adds the “External Flash Set” function:
    This function allows you to configure the settings of an attached flash or wireless radio commander (both sold separately) directly from the camera.

    Compatible Flash models
    HVL-F60RM (with flash firmware version 2.00 or later)
    HVL-F45RM (with flash firmware version 2.00 or later)
    Compatible wireless radio commander:

    Note: The functionality will be enabled after the upcoming wireless radio commander firmware version.
  • Improves the overall stability of the camera

Via Sony Alpha Rumors

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