News |Sony launches ECM-B10 3-in-1 compact shotgun microphone

Sony launches ECM-B10 3-in-1 compact shotgun microphone

Sony launches ECM-B10 compact shotgun microphone

Sony has announced the ECM-B10, price tag £230/€270, a compact three-in-one shotgun microphone for vlogging and interview-style videos that’s just 79.3mm long.

Despite its small size, the ECM-B10 allows the user to customise how audio is recorded by enhancing the microphone’s sensitivity from different directions. This is made possible by the Sony ECM-B10’s four microphone capsules and their beamforming technology.

The ECM-B10’s beamforming technology effectively gives users three types of microphone in one by enabling them to switch between super-directional, unidirectional and omnidirectional.

Users can also connect the Sony ECM-B10 to their camera via the hotshoe. This allows you to use it without cables, and its small size doesn’t interfere with a camera’s flip out screen or viewfinder, Sony says.

Other features include digital signal processing, which helps reduce noise for clearer sound, while its body design suppresses shock and vibration to reduce low-frequency vibration noise.

The Sony ECM-B10 price tag will be £230/€270 with a release date set for July 2022.


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