News |Sony A9 firmware update adds ftp transfer functionalitys

Sony A9 firmware update adds ftp transfer functionality


Sony has issued a firmware update for its full-frame A9 mirrorless camera which enables photographers to transfer images to ftp servers during the camera’s record and playback operations.

Sony says the new feature was requested in feedback from professional users who wanted the option to share their media with news desks simultaneous while working.

Sony A9 firmware version 4.00 also ups the number of ftp servers the camera can be registered with from three to nine. You can also now configure the folder layout on your target server to your own specifications and save images in any folder.

It’s also now possible to send images from a designated media slot to a specific file location, or you can have the ftp server configuration the same as the camera.

The new Sony A9 firmware also lets you assign a custom button to initiate the new file transfer function. You can also select which file formats you want to share.

You can download Sony A9 firmware version 4.00 for free from Sony’s website.

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