Sony has released 4K video footage shot in space by the A7S II, which was mounted to the International Space Station.

The A7S II is the first commercial camera to be mounted outside the ISS, Sony says.

The Sony A7S II was selected to mount on to a new exterior platform on the ISS’s Japanese Experiment Module known as “KIBO”. But to go on that journey, the A7S II sat in a bespoke temperature-controlled aluminium housing and was mounted on a two-axis gimbal.

The camera shot from a vantage point of 400km above the earth to record the video footage above.

Sony says the α7S II completes an orbit around the planet about once every 90 minutes, recording a variety of 4K videos and still images from outer space.

The α7S II was carried to the ISS by the “KOUNOTORI” cargo transporter that launched from the Tanegashima Space Centre on December 9, 2016.

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