News |Sony celebrates 10-year anniversary of Alpha mirrorless camera ranges

Sony celebrates 10-year anniversary of Alpha mirrorless camera range

Sony celebrates 10-year anniversary of Alpha mirrorless camera range

Sony is celebrating a decade of innovation in the photography industry with the 10-year anniversary of its Alpha series of mirrorless cameras. Over the past 10 years, Sony has consistently advanced photographic technology, offering photographers and videographers an array of groundbreaking new features, from Eye AF to hybrid shooting.

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Key Milestones in the Sony Alpha Series

Sony’s Alpha series has seen several pivotal moments that have influenced the course of photography and videography over the last decade.

2013: The Alpha 7 and 7R
In 2013, Sony introduced the world’s first mirrorless full-frame cameras, the Alpha 7 and 7R. These models laid the groundwork for what would become an evolving line of Alpha cameras.

2014: The ‘S’ Variation
Within a year, Sony launched the ‘S’ variation of the Alpha series, delivering enhanced low-light performance at high ISO settings and 4K video recording capabilities.

2015: Alpha 7R II
The release of the Alpha 7R II, boasting a groundbreaking 42.4-megapixel back-illuminated full-frame sensor, set new standards for what photographers could expect from their equipment.

2017: Alpha 9
2017 saw the introduction of the Alpha 9, which offered black-out free continuous silent shooting at 20 frames per second. This gave sports photographers a notable advantage compared to those using traditional DSLRs.

2020: Alpha 7C
Sony unveiled the Alpha 7C in 2020, claiming the title for the world’s smallest and lightest full-frame camera while maintaining high performance.

2021: Alpha 1
The Alpha 1 emerged as the world’s first full-frame mirrorless camera to incorporate a high-resolution 50.1-megapixel sensor along with 8K video recording, broadening the possibilities for both photographers and videographers.

2022: Alpha 7R V
The most recent addition, the Alpha 7R V, incorporates an AI processing chip for autofocus. The advanced AI uses detailed human form and pose estimation to significantly improve recognition accuracy, extending its capabilities to various subjects like animals, vehicles, and insects.

To mark the anniversary, Sony has curated a collection of standout images captured with Alpha full-frame cameras over the past decade. This visual journey is available through an interactive flipbook, along with an infographic detailing the history of the Alpha series.

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