News |Smartphone batteries could soon have twice the life

Smartphone batteries could soon have twice the life

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Smartphone batteries will soon offer double the current capacity of those that are commercially available today, according a company that plans to bring one to market.

SolidEnergy Systems has announced it will soon make a rechargeable lithium metal battery that will last twice as long as current smartphone batteries.

What’s more, SolidEnergy says it can also make the lithium ion battery at half the size of current battery.

SolidEnergy’s battery is what it calls an “anode-free” lithium metal battery that is twice as energy-dense and designed for most consumer electronics, such as smartphones, wearable technology, as well as electrics cars and drones.

To double the battery life, SolidEnergy says it eschews the anode material graphite typically used to make batteries and instead employs a thin, high-energy lithium-metal foil that can hold more ions.

SolidEnergy released a prototype just over a year ago, and the first versions are being applied to drones now, with electric cars targeted for 2018.

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