News |SmallRig x Andyax Creator Tool Kit Launches for Outdoor Content Creatorss

SmallRig x Andyax Creator Tool Kit Launches for Outdoor Content Creators

modular, rugged design for the ultimate outdoor shooting experience

SmallRig x Andyax Creator Tool Kit

SmallRig has partnered with Andyax to unveil the SmallRig x Andyax Creator Tool Kit, a comprehensive solution tailored to meet the needs of outdoor content creators. This toolkit is designed for filmmakers and photographers who require robust, flexible equipment for outdoor environments, and a tool kit that perfectly matches the kit that they are using.

The SmallRig x Andyax Creator Tool Kit features a modular design that allows users to organize their tools and accessories according to their specific needs. This customizable approach ensures that every piece of equipment is easily accessible, enhancing on-set efficiency and reducing setup times. The toolkit’s components include various assembly tools, cleaning kits, and data storage solutions, making it a versatile companion for any shooting scenario.

Constructed with durability in mind, the tool kit is waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, and drop-resistant, ensuring that all contents are protected under the toughest conditions. This durability is crucial for outdoor shoots where weather and environmental conditions can be unpredictable.

Zhou Yang, Founder and Chairman of SmallRig, emphasized the toolkit’s purpose:

“The core idea behind our new products is to address the direct needs of our users, making their creative process smoother and more efficient. We aim to remove any barriers to creativity, enabling storytellers to focus on what they do best.”

Each tool kit includes an array of essential items:

  • A 7-in-1 Foldable Multi-Tool Kit
  • An Allen wrench set
  • A double-head flat wrench
  • A Stainless Steel Screw Set
  • Lens cleaning tools: dust blower, cleaning pen, and microfiber cloth
  • An adhesive labelling set with duct tape and Velcro
  • A Memory Card Case and HDMI Data Cable

The tool kit’s dimensions are 380.0 x 290.0 x 118.0mm, and its total weight, including tools, is approximately 2950.0 grams. This makes it compact and portable yet spacious enough to carry a wide range of equipment essentials.

This launch is particularly significant as it combines SmallRig’s expertise in camera accessory manufacturing with Andyax’s practical insights, known for its educational content on filmmaking. Together, they have crafted a toolkit that is not only functional but also enhances filmmakers’ and photographers’ workflows.

URL: SmallRig x Andyax Creator Tool Kit

Price: £TBA / $TBA

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