News |SmallRig Launches Cage for Sony Alpha 9 IIIs

SmallRig Launches Cage for Sony Alpha 9 III

Enhanced Protection and Accessibility for Sony Alpha 9 III

SmallRig A9 III Cage

SmallRig has unveiled its latest product – a dedicated camera cage for the Sony Alpha 9 III. This new offering is designed to cater to professional photographers and videographers who seek extra protection and extended functionality for their cameras. We’ve looked at several of their cages for different models, including the SmallRig Black Mamba for the Canon EOS R5 C, the review of which you can check out here.

The cage boasts a streamlined design that does not obstruct access to the camera’s buttons and ports, ensuring ease of use during intense shooting schedules. One of its standout features is the ergonomic handgrip. This grip is made from first-layer cowhide, providing a comfortable and secure hold, which is especially useful during extended shooting periods.

A unique element of this cage is the “Rhinoceros” HDMI Cable Clamp. This feature is designed to securely hold cables in place, protecting the camera’s ports and ensuring stable transmission, which is crucial during live shoots or when transferring large files.

In terms of expansion and customization, the cage offers a variety of interfaces. These include a 1/4 “-20 threaded hole, an ARRI 3/8 “-16 locating hole, a cold shoe, a NATO rail, and a QD socket. This array of interfaces allows for unlimited expansion possibilities, enabling users to attach a range of accessories such as handles, microphones, LED video lights, and monitors.

Another functional aspect of the cage is its built-in Arca-Swiss quick-release plate. This feature allows for swift transitions between handheld shooting and using a tripod or gimbal, compatible with models like the DJI RS 2 / RSC 2 / RS 3 / RS 3 Pro. This versatility is vital if you need to adapt to different shooting environments quickly.

SmallRig’s cage for the Sony Alpha 9 III is not just about functionality; it’s also designed with durability in mind. The cage’s robust build quality ensures that it can withstand the rigours of professional use while offering added protection to the camera.

SmallRig’s new cage for the Sony Alpha 9 III is a blend of protection, functionality, and ergonomics. It addresses the needs of professional photographers and videographers who demand reliability and versatility from their equipment.

For more information and to purchase, visit SmallRig’s website.

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