News |SmallRig and Mikevisuals Collaborate to Launch Innovative Tracking POV Kit for Filmmakerss

SmallRig and Mikevisuals Collaborate to Launch Innovative Tracking POV Kit for Filmmakers

SmallRig and Mikevisuals Unveil Revolutionary Tracking POV Kit: Transforming Cinematic Perspectives for Filmmakers

SmallRig Tracking POV kit

SmallRig, in collaboration with creative filmmaker Mikevisuals, has announced the release of the Tracking POV Kit, a filmmaking tool designed for cinematographers and content creators. Set to be released on December 1, 2023, this kit is designed to elevate the professional look of POV shots beyond the limitations of tripods, outstretched hands, or selfie sticks.

The Tracking POV Kit, born from the combined expertise of Mikevisuals and SmallRig’s DreamRig Team, offers filmmakers infinite possibilities in the realm of creative video production. The kit’s hallmark is its multi-angle adjustments and stability, enabling precise control of content and unlocking innovative new shooting angles. This flexibility makes it an ideal tool for shooting commercials, product reviews, documentaries, or feature films with a desire to stand out.

The kit provides a complete tracking shot solution that’s both simple and convenient to use. It ensures subjects stay perfectly centered, creating unique and breathtaking visuals. The seven 360° rotatable hinges, combined with the rugged ARRI rosette and quick-adjusting ball head of the Magic Arm, facilitate overhead and low-angle shooting with ease, precision, and stability. The system’s secure tightening mechanism guarantees consistent shots, while its lightweight and rugged aluminum NATO Rail allows for telescoping extension and multiple attachment options.

The kit’s development stemmed from Mikevisuals’ pursuit of never-before-seen shots and angles. After encountering limitations with existing equipment, Mike approached SmallRig with his concept. The prototype went through numerous iterations, addressing challenges such as flexibility and gear stability, ultimately leading to a product that exceeded expectations.

Highlights of the SmallRig x Mikevisuals Tracking POV Kit:

  • Versatility and Control: Features a fully adjustable Magic Arm for unlimited angles and a NATO Rail attachment for stability and security.
  • Precise Adjustments: Includes a telescoping extension range and a calibration scale for precise, repeatable results.
  • Robust and User-Friendly Design: Offers seven 360° rotatable hinges for endless positioning options and a compact, lightweight structure that folds down for easy storage.
  • Fast Assembly: Allows for effortless, tool-free assembly, ideal for on-the-go creators.

The SmallRig x Mikevisuals Tracking POV Kit represents a fusion of materials, cutting-edge technology, and innovative design.

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