News |SJCAM’s C300 4K action camera captures every adventure in stunning details

SJCAM’s C300 4K action camera captures every adventure in stunning detail

C300 Offers Dual Screens and Advanced Stabilization for Perfect Shots


SJCAM has launched the C300 4K Action Camera, a compact yet powerful device designed for capturing high-quality videos and photos in adventurous settings. This camera boasts a 4K resolution and 20MP lens, ensuring sharp and vibrant imagery.

One of the C300’s key features is its 6-axis Gyro Stabilization, which significantly enhances video smoothness. Whether you’re handholding the camera or engaging in extreme sports, this feature ensures stable and clear footage.

The C300 is also notable for its dual 1.3″ touch colour screens, which provide flexibility in shooting positions and make it easier to capture selfies and vlogs. Additionally, the camera is equipped with a 154° wide-angle lens, allowing for expansive and immersive shots.

The camera’s low-light shooting capabilities are enhanced by an extra-large aperture, increasing light intake by 40%. Moreover, it is waterproof up to 30 meters with its case, making it suitable for underwater filming.

Other features include various video and photo modes, such as slow motion, motion detection, and burst mode, and a long-lasting battery. The camera is compatible with Wi-Fi and supports app control for convenient remote operation.

For more information and to purchase, visit SJCAM’s official page for the C300 4K Action Camera.

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