Shutterstock images now licensable via Google Images

Shutterstock images now licensable via Google Images

Google and Shutterstock have announced a partnership that will enable people to licenses the agency’s images via the Google Images platform.

In an announcement on its blog, Google revealed a partnership with the stock photo agency that will make it easier for people using Google’s image search to find licensable photos. Google says:

For results where the publisher or image creator provided licensing information, we will display a “licensable” badge over the image.

When you select a badged image to view, we will show a link to the license details of the image, and if provided by the publisher, you’ll also find a link to where you can purchase or license the image.

What’s more, Google image search results pages will now feature a Usage Rights dropdown that lets you filter by either images that have Creative Commons licenses or those with commercial licenses.

A link within the result will explain how to acquire a license for that image.

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