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Shimoda Urban Explore Series Launches

Modern backpack line combines style and functionality

Shimoda Urban Explore Series

Shimoda Design has unveiled its latest line, the Urban Explore Series of Everyday Backpacks. This new lineup is crafted to meet the dynamic needs of modern content creators, photographers, and videographers.

The Urban Explore Collection features a design that melds aesthetic appeal with practicality. Aimed to fulfil the storage requirements of contemporary photography and video equipment, laptops, and other essentials like Capture Clips. The minimalist design not only enhances mobility in bustling city environments but also ensures the wearer blends in with urban settings. A notable feature is a discreet compartment for storing valuables and passports, adding an extra layer of security for the user.

Whe it comes to real world use the series prioritises the comfort and efficiency with each backpack equipped with a dedicated mounting strip for a Capture Camera Clip, ensuring the gear is accessible yet unobtrusive during transit. The design includes a padded strip behind the clip and along the main strap to prevent discomfort from hard-metal contact. Additionally, a special compartment for mobile battery chargers, complete with cable routing to the interior, supports on-the-go charging of devices.

Danny Dullforce, Product Marketing Manager at Shimoda Designs for the EU and UK regions, praises the Urban Explore collection for its lighter, simpler design compared to the more technical Action X and Explore packs. He envisions these backpacks becoming a favourite among photographers and content creators globally, particularly those seeking a compact yet efficient camera bag for daily commutes or less equipment-intensive projects.

The Urban Explore Series offers three sizes to accommodate various camera setups, from non-gripped mirrorless to DSLRs with multiple lenses and accessories. Its versatility extends to the removable core units, allowing the backpack to adapt to different usage scenarios, including travel, as it complies with stringent international carry-on standards. Three external handles and a luggage handle pass-through feature enhance the ease of handling.

Available in Anthracite and Boa colourways, the Urban Explorer also emphasises environmental responsibility with its recycled Cordura re/cor RPET fabric. This material, developed by Shimoda, is made from 100% post-consumer recycled polyester derived from PET bottles and packaging, offering durability and water-repellency.

Feature-wise, the backpacks boast a 16-inch laptop sleeve (25 and 30-litre variants), dual camera access points, a Capture Camera Clip mounting strap, removable core units, a cable management pocket, security features for tracking devices and valuables, durable and water-resistant recycled shell material, side panel pockets for additional storage, and an included rain cover.

Shimoda reinforces its commitment to quality with a 5-year warranty on its products. The 20-litre pack, fitting a 14” laptop, is priced at £285.00, while the 25-litre and 30-litre variants, accommodating a 16” laptop, are available for £305.00 and £330.00, respectively.

For more information check out the Shimoda website

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