News |Samsung’s 980 NVMe SSD announced

Samsung’s 980 NVMe SSD announced

Samsung 980

The demand for fast affordable storage continues with Samsung releasing their latest 980 NVMe SSD. This is the first to drop DRAM in favour of newer technology for fast access short term memory.

Ultimately what this means for us as photographers and videographers is that we can access this superfast storage at a much lower price than before.

“Through both hardware and software innovations, our new 980 SSD brings greater value without compromising the high-end NVMe performance,” said KyuYoung Lee, vice president of Memory Brand Product Biz team at Samsung Electronics. “The 980 offers an excellent blend of speed, power efficiency and reliability, making it suitable for everyday PC users and gamers as well as content creators.” 

In the past DRAM-less NVMe storage while cheaper than other NVMe types has been slower, and this reduction in speed has been due to no short term memory for fast access.

The new Samsung 980 features host memory buffer (HMB) technology which links the drive directly to the host’s processor DRAM overcoming the performance issues of other DRAM-less storage.

Having direct access to the host DRAM is just part of the speed advantage that this storage offers. 6th generation V-NAND as well as the latest controller and firmware all help ensure that this drive keeps up with your workflow.

All this technology comes together to offer the types of read and write speeds that photographers and videographers have come to expect.

Performance wise the new Samsung 980 NVMe SSD offers transfer speeds that are up to six times that of SATA SSDs.

Videographers will be able to edit fluidly with read speeds of 3,500 MB/s and write speeds of 3,000MB/s.

Enhanced technology will further increase editing speeds with Samsungs TurboWrite 2.0 offering increased performance even under sustained use. 

An issue with these ultrafast drives can be heat, however, here Samsung has incorporated a thermal design with Dynamic Thermal Guard with nickel coated controller and heat spreader to ensure stability under load.

Another issue with NVMe drives is the power draw, especially for video editors using laptops. Here Samsung has dramatically improved the power efficiency compared with the previous 970 EVO drives.

The Samsung 980 SSD will go on sale for £45.99 for the 250GB, £64.49 for the 500GB and £119.49 for the 1TB. For more information, please visit  or


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