News |Sachtler Launches Ace Mk II Fluid Head Systemss

Sachtler Launches Ace Mk II Fluid Head Systems

New Ace M Mk II and Ace XL Mk II fluid heads for professional level videography

Sachtler Ace Mk II Fluid Head Systems

Sachtler has announced the release of its latest generation of Ace fluid heads: the Ace M Mk II and Ace XL Mk II. These new heads have been designed for the professional market but aim to offer a lighter weight camera support than traditional fluid heads while still providing stability and smooth movement.

The Ace M Mk II and Ace XL Mk II are designed for professional camera operators who want a balance between lightweight design and professional-level quality.

Barbara Jaumann, Sachtler’s Product Manager, emphasized the systems’ ability to support various payloads, making them versatile tools for a wide range of cinematography and broadcast applications.

“The new ACE M Mk II and ACE XL Mk II are among the lightest-weight tripod systems on the market, but still offer the key features that have made Sachtler the industry standard for professional lightweight camera supports — smooth camera movement and maximum stability.”

Barbara Jaumann, Sachtler’s Product Manager

The Ace M Mk II system is tailored for broadcast-quality camera equipment yet weighs in at just 4.4kg and can handle payloads up to 4 kilograms, which makes this an ideal solution for location shoots. The Ace Mk II systems include an aluminium tripod with a carry handle and a choice of spreader.

The Ace XL Mk II system differs from heavier digital cine-style cameras that support payloads up to 8 kilograms and is an all-around lighter-weight solution. It offers additional counterbalance steps to accommodate larger rigs and includes an illuminated level bubble and a removable threaded stud, making it ideal for Mirrorless rig shooters as well as fully kitted-out camcoders such as the FX6.

All 75-millimetre tripods sold with the Ace Mk II systems now have three mounting points on the tripod bowl, enabling easy attachment of accessories such as lights or friction arms. Additionally, features like the Ace Carry Handle and a detachable flowtech-style mid-level spreader add to the systems’ ease of use in all conditions.

The Sachtler Ace Mk II range is now available for purchase globally. It is offered as standalone heads or as part of comprehensive tripod systems.

For more information on the Ace Mk II systems and to view detailed specifications and options, visit Sachtler’s website at

URL: Sachtler Ace Mk II Fluid Head Systems
Price: Available upon request from Sachtler resellers

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