News |Sabrent announces Rocket V60 UHS-II SD card

Sabrent announces Rocket V60 UHS-II SD card

Sabrent announces Rocket V60 UHS-II SD card

CFexpress has normalised huge capacity storage for camera memory cards. But now, Sabrent has announced the colossal Sabrent 1TB V60 UHS-II card. This new SD card not only boasts one of the largest capacities for an SD card on the market but backs this storage with the V60 video speed class and transfer speeds of up to 270MBps.

These transfer speeds make the new card an ideal solution for videographers shooting in 8K, 4K and 1080p. The card will also be available in four sizes; 128, 256, 512 and 1TB, 

The V60 classification ensures industry trasfer standards, and in addition to this Sabrent state the cards have a 1500/500 read/Write IOPS guarantee. This speed and capacity has all been made possible by an all-new controller combined with 112-Layer BiCS5 TLC. 

In addition to the transfer speeds and capacity as standard, the card features a write-protection switch that can ensure you don’t delete a day’s shoot before you’ve downloaded the footage and images. The card also incorporates protective flash technologies that will help to prolong the card’s life. 

The Sabrent Rocket V60 is available now for £35; for more information, check out the following links. 

Rocket V60 128GB SD UHS-II Memory Card

Rocket V60 256GB SD UHS-II Memory Card

Rocket V60 512GB SD UHS-II Memory Card

Rocket V60 1TB SD UHS-II Memory Card


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