News |Rode AI-Micro lets you use your phone to record audio

Rode AI-Micro lets you use your phone to record audio

Rode AI-Micro lets your use your phone to record audio

Rode has announced the AI-Micro, a new ultra-compact dual channel interface for recording audio to a computer or mobile device.

Compatible with Android, Windows, Mac and iOS devices, the Rode AI-Micro allows you to record two channels of high-quality audio directly two your devices.

The AI-Micro features two auto-sensing inputs that enable you to connect almost any microphone with a 3.5mm output.

With the dual 3.5mm inputs you can record two channels of audio with a pair of microphones, and the AI-Micro will also automatically detect when you’re using a single microphone. These inputs will also automatically sense whether you are connecting TRS or TRRS microphones.

There’s also a 3.5mm headphone output for monitoring your audio. The AI-Micro also comes with USB-A, USB-C and Lightning cables so you can quickly connect to whatever device you have.

The Rode AI-Micro price tag is $70 and is available now from Rode’s website.


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