RØDE Amplifies Its Pro Audio Portfolio with the Strategic Acquisition of Mackie, Reinforcing Global Market Leadership


RØDE Microphones LLC has made a strategic move in the pro audio world by acquiring the renowned American audio leader, Mackie. This acquisition marks a significant expansion for The Freedman Group, the parent company of RØDE, positioning it as one of the leading pro audio companies globally with a diverse range of products across various audio sectors.

The merger of RØDE and Mackie under The Freedman Group umbrella is a powerful combination that brings together two leaders in the audio industry. Both brands share a passion for creating innovative, high-quality products with a customer-centric approach.

“I am absolutely thrilled to welcome Mackie to The Freedman Group’s roster of iconic audio brands,” says Peter Freedman AM, Founder and Chairman of The Freedman Group. “They are true legends in live sound expertise, and this acquisition elevates The Freedman Group to a premier audio technology company.”

Since its inception in 1989, Mackie has been at the forefront of pro audio product design, known for its mixers, loudspeakers, and studio monitors. The brand played a pivotal role in the home recording revolution of the 1990s and has continued to maintain its status as a go-to brand in the recording and live sound industries. The acquisition by RØDE promises to fuel further innovation and growth for Mackie.

Peter Freedman’s background in live sound production and his early admiration for Mackie’s approach to audio and business were key factors in this acquisition. He sees the merger as a culmination of his career, bringing it full circle back to his roots in live sound.

Alex Nelson, CEO of Mackie, expressed excitement about joining forces with RØDE, citing the company’s manufacturing capability and technology leadership as key factors in propelling Mackie into a new era of growth and innovation. Greg Mackie, the founder of Mackie, also shared his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “I can’t think of a better company for Mackie to be associated with than RØDE.”

Damien Wilson, CEO of the Freedman Group, views the acquisition as a harmonious union that diversifies and complements the product offerings of both brands. The combined expertise and resources of RØDE and Mackie are expected to deliver end-to-end audio solutions for a wide range of customers, from musicians in home studios to professional live sound engineers.

This strategic acquisition is a testament to RØDE’s commitment to its global expansion and marks a new chapter in the evolution of both RØDE and Mackie. As the audio industry continues to evolve, this partnership is poised to lead the way in innovation and quality, benefiting content creators, live production professionals, and audio enthusiasts worldwide.

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