Ricoh News & Reviews

Although not widely known as a photography brand, Ricoh has been in the camera market since 1936 and its GR range of compact film cameras from the 1990’s won it a loyal following of enthusiast photographers. Ricoh successfully translated the look, feel and quality of its film cameras into a digital GR range but it went on to confuse its followers by introducing the GXR, which had a camera back that accepted interchangeable lens and sensor units.
In July 2011 Ricoh bought Pentax from Hoya. The Ricoh brand name is used for the company’s compact cameras while Pentax is used on interchangeable lens models. Though its imaging business has had some recent struggles, Ricoh has nevertheless been one of the first major manufacturers develop a range of 360 cameras. Ricoh's Theta line is generally well respected and is continuing to grow each year.