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ZGCINE ZG-R30 RODE Wireless Go portable charger Review

The easy way to keep your Rode Wireless Go organised and charged

ZGCINE ZG-R30 RODE Wireless Go portable charger

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Our Verdict

The ZGCINE ZG-R30 does two things very well. It keeps the compact easy to misplace Rode Wireless Go receiver and transmitter in one place, and secondly, it keeps them charged up for when you need them.

In the past, I looked at the ZGCINE GoPro charger and was impressed with the performance, although a little underwhelmed by the design. The ZG-R30 is much the same. The performance is excellent and the design while an improvement, is still a little lacklustre.

Ultimately the ZG-R30 keeps your Wireless Go’s in one place rather hidden behind a flap in your bag and keeps the charge topped up when you forget to switch the things off. For those two reasons, if you own the Rode Wireless Go original or II, then the ZG-R30 is a worthwhile purchase.


  • Charges up to 9 times
  • Purpose made for the Wireless Go
  • Will charge other USB devices


  • Basic looking design
  • Can't charge devices through USB-C

What is ZGCINE ZG-R30 RODE Wireless Go portable charger?

The ZGCINE ZG-R30 is a compact portable charger designed for the Rode Wireless Go and Wireless Go II. The compact case incorporates a built-in 3400mAh battery; with three Wireless Go shaped charging slots with a USB Type-A for charging other devices and a USB Type-C port used for charging the case on the back. 

To use the Wireless Go’s are simply slotted in and then the charging starts. Further adding to the usefulness of the ZG-R30 you can also charge other USB devices, such as your phone, using the USB Type-A port on the back. 

ZGCINE ZG-R30 RODE Wireless Go portable charger


  • USB Type-C : PD Input 5V/2A 9V/1.4A
  • USB A Output : USB-A-5V 1.7A
  • Dimensions: 135x66x72.5mm
  • Weight: 265
  • RODE Wireless Go charging slots: 3
  • RODE Wireless Go compatibility: Original and II
  • Capacity: 3400mAh
  • Recharge: 9 x RODE Wireless Go

Build and Handling

When it comes to design, the ZG-R30 is functional, like a plastic jewellery case, with a logo and orange bit on the front. I’ve already been impressed by the function of ZGCINE’s GoPro battery charger – and again, like the GoPro charger, this Rode Wireless Go model works incredibly well.

The build quality is generally good, plasticy, but solid enough. The plastic has a matt finish that looks OK, and there’s a magnet that helps hold the top lid down. The magnet’s strength is just enough to keep the lid closed when in a kit bag, but it’s not overly strong so that a knock will open it easily.

Inside there are three slots for the Wireless Go devices, two for transmitters and one for a receiver. These slots are the perfect size to hold the units securely. As soon as they’re inserted, the lights on the front of the ZG-R30 illuminate to show how much charge is left in the case.

Flipping the case around to the back and there are the two USB ports, the USB Type-C port is used for charging the case, and the USB Type-A is used for charging any other device that can be charged using a standard USB, such as a mobile phone, tablet or even your camera. No idea why the USB Type-C couldn’t have also been a two way port like other USB power packs such as the Tether Tools ONsite USB-C 30W.


I might not be 100% sold on the style of the ZGCINE ZG-R30, but when it comes to function, there is very little to fault.

Once charged to 100%, there’s enough juice within to charge a RODE Wireless Go unit nine times. The three slots, enable the charging of three devices in one go, and this takes a couple of hours to reach 100%. However, I only have one transmitter and one receiver.

Running these flat and then recharging still took around two hours to fully charge, which was the same as charging from the mains.

ZGCINE ZG-R30 RODE Wireless Go portable charger

As I only have two of the devices and their run time is about five hours, it took a few days to run the units down and recharge. In total, the case managed a solid eight charges and almost a ninth charge for the final run. The reason that it didn’t quite make the ninth full charge was that I popped in two units for the last charge, so both appeared to be half charged.

As well as charging the Wireless Go units, it’s also good to see that other USB chargeable devices can be topped up. Seeing as my phone always gets plenty of use, having this additional power supply was handy and enabled a complete charge of an iPhone 11 Pro with plenty of juice leftover.

As well as charging, which it did very well, the ZGCINE ZG-R30 also acted as a very neat case for the two wireless GOs. It also meant that I could pop the units into the case for a quick top-up charge between shots. This feature is really handy and for me transformed the ZG-R30 from a convenient on the move accessory to something that was altogether far more functional and usable.

Final thoughts

The design might not inspire, but this is a dedicated charger for the Wireless Go transmitter and receiver at the end of the day. When it comes to function, the ZGCINE ZG-R30 excels; it holds enough charge for nine complete charges of the Wireless Go devices and can charge most other devices that enable standard USB charging.

The function of the ZG-R30 goes beyond simply charging the Wireless Go; it adds to the usability of the devices by always ensuring that they are topped up with charge and ready to go.

ZGCINE ZG-R30 RODE Wireless Go portable charger

The case also ensures that the Wireless Go’s are easy to locate and don’t get buried at the bottom of your kit bag.

If you own the Rode Wireless Go microphones, then there is very little to fault with the ZGCINE ZG-R30 other than the aesthetics.


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