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The ZGCINE is a handy compact charging case for GoPro batteries and not just those from the latest GoPro Hero9 and 10. By using a nifty caddy insert older batteries from the GoPro 5,6,7 and 8 can be recharged as well.
As I’ve seen with previous ZGCINE products, the styling of the small black box leaves something to be desired, it’s functional rather than aesthetic.
However, with slots for two batteries and placeholders for two MicroSD cards, it does make a convenient carry case for essential GoPro accessories.
While the product has potential, the ability to charge two batteries does seem a little defeatest, As the cost and weight of two additional batteries would be smaller, lighter and only marginally more expensive. However, you do have the advantage of being able to charge other devices.


  • Charge other devices
  • Provision for two batteries
  • Slots for spare MicroSD


  • Design still boxy
  • Only charges Hero 9/10 batteries

What is the ZGCINE PS-G10 Mini?

The ZGCINE PS-G10 Mini is a two-slot charging case for GoPro batteries. Natively it slots in two Hero9 or 10 batteries. In the box, there are also two caddies that are designed to hold 5, 6, 7 and 8-type batteries so these can be charged as well.

Once in place, the case charges the depleted batteries and keeps them nicely organised and accessible in your bag rather than simply being loose in a pocket.

The case holds a charge for two complete recharges of the 9, 10 type batteries and three times for the 5, 6, 7 and 8-type batteries.


Once in place, the batteries start charging once the unit is powered on, and it takes roughly two hours for the charging process to complete.

Alongside the GoPro battery charging, there’s also the ability to charge your mobile phone or other device using the USB Type-C port on the back.


  • Compatibility : GoPro 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 batteries
  • Other charge ports: USB Type-C
  • Battery slots : 2
  • MicroSD Card holder: 2 spaces


The ZGCINE PS-G10 Mini is a balance between size and capacity being the compact version of the ZGCINE PS-G10 I looked at earlier this year. Again the design is pretty non-descript, with the black box design adding a little texture to the sides but remaining much the same.
The texture on the side of the box is definitely welcome, especially when your hands are wet, as it enables far better purchase. Otherwise, this is just a slimmed-down version of the PS-G10 with one less charging slot and half the real charging capacity.

It is about half the size but not half the weight; it’s still surprisingly weighty for such a small charging case. The small box performs well, providing ample power to charge up two GoPro Hero 9/10 batteries in around 2 hours from completely flat.

Along the front, four lights tell you how much charge is left and what the power pack is doing. Then two additional red lights show the status of the battery. Once the red light goes out, it shows that the battery is charged.


While two additional batteries at £24 apiece may only be marginally more expensive than the ZGCINE PS-G10 Mini, the case does offer convenience. Not only does it charge your batteries but helps keep spare MicroSD cards and batteries neatly organised and topped up with power for when you need them

Final Thoughts

I’m again in two minds about the ZGCINE PS-G10 Mini as I was with the larger version. There’s something about the design that doesn’t quite sit right. Still, it’s nice that ZGCINE is adapting the aesthetics and adding the texture down the sides to make it easier to hold and grip in the great British outdoors (Generally cold and wet, despite it being summer).

On the design, it would be good if there were a loop so it could be strapped into a bag so that you don’t have to route to find it – the orange plastic strip should look great, but somehow makes it look a bit cheap. The ZGCINE logo feels like it should be bigger, maybe at an angle and more GoPro extreme. That’s the thing with the PS-G10 Mini. As with the PS-G10, it’s been well designed functionally but doesn’t have the aesthetic flair I want from a GoPro accessory.

Aesthetic aside – functionally, it performs well and loaded with two additional batteries weighs in at 195g which isn’t a great deal. Two batteries on their own come in at 66g


I do like the slimmer profile compared with the PS-G10, but what has surprised me is that I’m using it. It’s just handy. The first point is that it’s great to have the additional power for the GoPro batteries. The fact is that they can charge in my backpack outside of the camera, so I can use it to do some filming, and then there’s the ability to top up my phone’s charge, which is forever running low.

Technically this is a great product, but really I now want it to be a little more GNARBOX 2.0 in design, with a weatherproof seal, a strap hole to secure it in my backpack, and a way to have the batteries in the slot not charging while my phone is. As you might be able to tell, I like a lot about this product, but now I want more because it feels like it has so much more potential.

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