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YoloBox Pro Review

YoloBox Pro Review

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Our Verdict

Finding a device that works as fluidly and simply as the YoloBox Pro is rare. Want to stream from multiple video sources and with professional cameras other than your mobile phone? Then that’s exactly what the YoloBox Pro enables you to do.

Based on the Android operating system, the touchscreen interface enables complete touchscreen control, and a quick tap enables you to easily switch from one camera to another.

However, while the YoloBox Pro works incredibly well in isolation, with just an internet connection required; I found a second device was a good idea to monitor the live stream and enable live feedback for comments.
Ultimately the YoloBox Pro is one of the easiest and most complete live-streaming switchers on the market.


  • Easy to use
  • Familiar touch screen environment
  • Multiple network options


  • No live replying to comments through the device
  • No error check on connection speed

What is the YoloBox Pro?

At the heart of the YoloBox Pro is a video switcher that enables you to select a feed from one of three cameras or connected media players. The YoloBox Pro stands out because it utilises the android platform to enable a user experience equivalent to using a smartphone app.

The device has a large touch screen, three video inputs, wired and wireless networking, and a host of built-in features that enable you to stream to all your favourite platforms.

While the YoloBox Pro is simple to use, it packs features and functionality that can be incredibly complex with other switchers, such as overlays, live comment viewing on the video interface and multiple live streams to different platforms.

YoloBox Pro Review

However, YoloBox Pro goes one further by offering additions such as live selling, 4G and SD card recording; you can also use it as a straight monitor, a small but incredibly useful touch.

Build and Handling

It’s not often that a product that looks so good and seems to offer so much when you see it online actually looks just as good in real life. The screen is huge, covering the entire front of the device, and then the sides are a flat grey matt plastic material that feels tactile, with the same material but textured, used for the back.

The outward look of the YoloBox Pro is simple and understated; it looks for all intentions like a monitor and nothing more.
Checking over the device and on the bottom is a 1/4-inch thread, two slots, one for an SD card and the other for a SIM card and featuring protective covers; there’s also the power button that sits flush with the lines of the product.

The sides are clear of any ports or buttons with three HDMI inputs on top, a USB Type-A, Network, HDMI out, USB type-C, one 3.5mm headphone, 2 3.5mm mic sockets, and another USB type-C for external power. Neat, discreet and easy to understand.

Powering on the YoloBox Pro, a splash screen appears, highlighting a few set-up details that you need to run through before starting. These set-up steps require you to connect the device to the internet; the process is almost identical to that of connecting your Smart Phone to a local area network; select the WiFi connection and enter the password, and you’re done.

With the connection completed, tap the red + symbol and get one of two options, Create a Live Stream or Monitor Mode.

Monitor mode enables you to select a source, add overlays, and automatically switch from one camera to another. It’s especially useful if you create content that you’ll use later. The touchscreen interface lets you check multiple cameras’ viewpoints.

The other option and the main point of the YoloBox Pro is the Create a LiveStream option. Click this, and once the cameras or media box are connected, you get a live view feed from those cameras.

On the right of the screen, you have multiple options: connect to YoloLiv’s platform, YouTube, FaceBook, Twitch or a custom feed; the connection is straightforward.

Once the feed is selected, a row of icons across the bottom of the screen enables you to add elements and access different features. These options include; Overlays, Platforms, Invite Guests, Audio Mixer, Scoreboard, Comments, Auto-Switch and Settings. The touchscreen interface makes accessing each of these areas extremely easy.

YoloBox Pro Review

Once you have selected your video sources, tap on the one you want to make the main source for the feed. Likewise, the element you want to overlay can be added or removed similarly.

You tap the Go Live button to start the stream when everything is set.


It’s incredible how far video switchers have come in such a short time. Even a year ago, the YoloBox Pro pack’s features that would have seemed almost impossible or out of reach price-wise to most companies, let alone individuals.

The YoloBox Pro pulls together incredible features to create a powerful streaming system. The box enables easy switching, recording and monitoring in one easy-to-use touchscreen package. You can live stream up to six video sources without a computer or workstation.

The touch screen is designed to make navigating and controlling the content of the livestream easy.

As well as powering the YoloBox Pro from an external source, it also features an internal battery with more than enough juice to enable an hour-long stream, if not more. This internal battery also means that it’s extremely portable, so if you want to stream live from the top of a mountain, then you can

There is a network port for being able to stream from anywhere, but the YoloBox Pro also enables you to connect over WiFi, or if you’re out in the field, there’s also a SIM card slot so that you can use a 4G LTE network.

There are two versions of the YoloBox Pro; the 7-inch and 8-inch version in this test. The 8-inch offers a bright 400 nit brightness screen, 3 HDMI Inputs, USB Type-C, one for charging, the other is fully featured, 1 USB and 3.5mm audio line in and out ports.

Powering the processing in YoloBox Pro is a Qualcomm 660 processor.

Alongside the streaming potential, the powerful processor can also handle device processing, including graphic and video overlays and Chroma.

YoloBox Pro Review

The final two features I want to highlight are Auto Switching, which enables you to set a time frame for the YoloBox Pro to switch from one camera to another. This is a great feature for those working independently and enables a more dynamic presentation than simply using a single viewpoint.

The final and most important feature to mention is the video quality. The video from all cameras is processed in the YoloBox and output at resolution and frame rates up to 1080p 60fps.


Setting up the YoloBox Pro and understanding how it works doesn’t take long. If you need to import additional graphics to use as overlays, this is surprisingly easy, unlike the process required by other video switchers.

During the first test, I had several graphic overlays that needed to be added. These were created in Photoshop as PNG files and imported into the YoloBox Pro through the SD card. Once installed, the overlay could be used the same way as the stock overlays.

Switching between the different video feeds is an instant winner, and once connected with YouTiube Live, it’s simply a case of touching the video feed icon to select the new source.

One of the big features is live commenting, which works well, showing the comments on the side of the screen as you present. This panel has been designed to display the comments only, so you will need another device to answer back in the comments box.

However, if you have a team with you, you’ll need them to interact with written comments on another device as there’s no way to directly reply to the text through the interface.

Another more challenging issue was that on a couple of occasions when the WiFi signal was bad, the YoloBox Pro showed all the signs of streaming the content. However, checking the feed on another device showed that the feed was waiting to connect, so the stream wasn’t being made.

YoloBox Pro Review

It’s worth noting and just checking on another device, such as your phone, that the live feed is being made.

When the connection was good, which was the majority of the time, the quality of the feed was excellent without any issues.

In use, the YoloBox Pro was one-up on most of the other streaming systems I have used simply for the complete ease of use and speed.

Final thoughts

The YoloBox Pro is the easiest live-streaming video switcher I have used. It’s packed with features and, while relatively simple in the approach to many of its functions, does the job.

For simple Live Streams of performances, vlogs and conferences, the YoloBox Pro offers an incredible amount for the money. There are a few small niggles, however. The fact that you can’t reply to comments through the interface is one. You can see why this has been done, but to have the option would have been nice.

YoloBox Pro Review

The other more annoying issue is with the stream that occasionally looks fine through the YoloBox Pro but, in reality, isn’t happening at the other end. A simple check on the mobile to see if the stream is happening is essential.

However, the issues are small, and the features and functionality are huge. For me, the YoloBox Pro is streets ahead of anything else at this price – it just works with a few easy checks and enables anyone to get started and stream online easily.

The design is relatively small, and with the built-in battery and no-fuss set-up, it’s also ultra-portable, meaning there’s no need for external power supplies or connected computers; it’s just an all-in-one solution.

If you need to live stream and need something of more quality than your mobile phone, then from me, the YoloBox Pro is an easy recommendation.



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