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Spyder Checkr Photo Review

Spyder Checkr Photo review

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Our Verdict

Spyder Checkr Photo is a fantastic tool for photographers looking to improve the colour accuracy of their images. Its small size and lightweight design, measuring only 116x90mm and weighing 110g, make it an ideal addition to any camera bag.

Inside the folded hard case are a variety of colour swatches, including skin tones, greyscale, and black-and-white adjustments; this makes the Spyder Checkr Photo versatile enough for various shooting scenarios.

However, there is a learning curve involved in integrating the Spyder Checkr Photo into your workflow. Once you understand how to use it, it becomes a powerful asset for achieving accurate colour for all your photoshoots. The only drawback is that a new reference photo is needed with each change in lighting, which can be time-consuming, but then in real terms less time consuming than colour matching manually in post processing afterwards.


  • Compact, portable design
  • Accurate colour representation
  • Versatile colour swatches


  • Learning curve involved
  • Requires new reference photo
  • Workflow could be simpler

What is the Spyder Checkr Photo

Spyder Checkr Photo is a pocket-sized colour chart designed to help photographers capture accurate colour and exposure in their images. The compact hard case that houses the colour chart is easy to transport, ensuring that it remains clean and protected when not in use.

The Spyder Checkr Photo works by being photographed in a scene before a shoot with each different lighting setup and location. Then in post processing, the colour swatches give you an accurate point of reference for adjusting colour and exposure.

However, it’s far more clever than just being an in-image reference. Once photographed, you can then send it through the SpyderCheckr software, which it takes the reference photo and creates a colour profile that can then be used with Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop and other image editing applications.

Spyder Checkr Photo review

With various colour patches, including non-skin, skin tone, and greyscale, Spyder Checkr Photo is a versatile tool for photographers who need precise colour representation in their work. The colour chart is compatible with popular photo editing software, such as Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, making it a valuable addition to any photographer’s toolkit.


  • Dimensions: 116x90mm
  • Weight: 110g
  • System requirements: Various Windows and Mac OS versions
  • Non-skin colour patches: 24
  • Black and white adjustments: 3+3
  • Skin tone patches: 6
  • Greyscale patches: 24
  • Large grey patches: 18% and 50%


The Spyder Checkr Photo is about the same size as a standard passport and slips easily into a back pocket making it ultra portable on a photoshoot. This is handy as the Spyder Checkr Photo needs to be shot in a reference photo for each change of lighting or position.

Getting used to rembering to add the Spyder Checkr Photo into a picture each time does take some rembering but the time it actually saves in post processing quickly makes you realise that although it seems like a bit of a hassle at the time when it comes to processing your images later it’s going to save you hours.

Essentially you pop the Spyder Checkr Photo into the scene you’re about to shoot; if you have a model in shot, then get them to hold it as squarely as possible. Then with the lighting positioned, take the picture, and then that image can be fed through SpyderCheckr software to create the profile.

Spyder Checkr Photo review

That profile is then, in turn, installed into Photoshop, Lightroom, Affinity or any other application that accepts colour profiles. You can then batch apply that profile to all the images that you shot with that lightingf setup and in the same location.

For most photographers who are shooting in different locations or one or two portraits, this colour chart won’t make much sense unless you’re particularly keen to get 100%, or there abouts accurate colour. However, if you’re a pro and colour and exposure accuracy are essential, then this is a great option.

Once integrated into your workflow, Spyder Checkr Photo is easy to use and delivers accurate colour representation. It’s particularly useful when precise colour is essential for your project. Creating and applying colour profiles in software like Photoshop or Lightroom may take some time, but once mastered, the process becomes smoother.

Final Thoughts

Spyder Checkr Photo is an excellent tool for photographers prioritising colour and exposure accuracy. The compact and portable design makes it a convenient choice compared to larger colour charts.

The hard case ensures the colour patches remain clean and protected during transport.

Improvements to the workflow for creating and applying colour profiles would be welcome, maybe with automatic installation of profiles into applications. Still, overall, Spyder Checkr Photo is a valuable addition to any photographer’s toolkit but is especially relevant to professionals.

Spyder Checkr Photo review