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SmallRig Rotatable Horizontal-to-Vertical Mount Plate Kit Review

SmallRig Rotatable Horizontal-to-Vertical Mount Plate Kit

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Our Verdict

The SmallRig Rotatable Horizontal-to-Vertical Mount Plate Kit 4148 for Sony α7R V / α7 IV / α7S III / α7R IV cameras is an exceptional accessory designed by Tracy Joy. It offers a quick and seamless way of switching between landscape and portrait.

The mount plate kit attaches securely to the camera’s base, and a bracket slips over the connector between the camera and lens while maintaining full access to all ports and the LCD flip screen.

Despite some minor ergonomic issues while handholding, its robust build quality and perfect fit offer enhanced convenience when the camera is tripod mounted.


  • Fast switch from landscape to portrait
  • Full Access to Ports and LCD
  • Compatible with Arca-type / Manfrotto RC2 tripods


  • Uncomfortable for Handheld Use
  • Compatibility Limitations

What is the SmallRig Rotatable Horizontal-to-Vertical Mount Plate Kit?

The SmallRig Rotatable Mount Plate Kit is a sturdy yet lightweight accessory for the latest Sony Alpha camera models. It is specifically designed to quickly switch between horizontal and vertical shooting modes without adjusting the lens’s optical axis. The kit has a baseplate, lens ring mounting plate, and an Allen wrench for assembly. Notably, the mounting plate can rotate 90 degrees, enabling a quick change from landscape to portrait by loosening a knob, far quicker than using a standard L-Bracket.

The design features additional securing holes to ensure a snug fit to the camera body and a simple push latch by the battery compartment, allowing full access to the battery door. It’s compatible with Arca-type / Manfrotto RC2 tripods and supports additional peripherals like Handle 2093C through its 1/4-inch and 3/8-inch threaded holes. However, it is incompatible with certain Tamron lenses with a USB-C port and some Sony compact lenses.


  • Compatibility: Alpha 7R V,Alpha 7 IV,Alpha 7R IV,Alpha 7S III
  • Dimensions: 107.5 x 80.4 x 28.7mm
  • Weight: 185g
  • Materials: Aluminum Alloy, Stainless Steel

Build and Handling

The SmallRig Mount Plate Kit’s build quality is exceptional, featuring a sturdy construction that can withstand outdoor shooting and many less-than-careful photographers. The lightweight design and build perfectly follow the footprint of compatible cameras, and even with older Sony models, the fit is relatively OK.

As ever, the plate kit attaches securely to the camera body using a 1/4-inch screw. There is a slight difference in the attachment of the plate over a standard L-Bracket, as the lens must be removed and replaced once the plate is attached. For further attachment options, four additional 1/4-inch and 3/8-inch threaded holes are on the base.

A welcome design feature is its compatibility with Arca-type and Manfrotto RC2 tripods, providing versatile mounting possibilities. Other interesting design considerations, like the battery door latch and additional securing holes, make it stand out. However, the plate’s design under the battery grip can make it uncomfortable for handheld use, especially for those with larger hands.

SmallRig Rotatable Horizontal-to-Vertical Mount Plate Kit


The performance of the SmallRig Rotatable Horizontal-to-Vertical Mount Plate Kit proves to be outstanding in most conditions. The mount attaches securely to the camera, and throughout the testing period, it stays firm without requiring frequent readjustments. However, this kit’s true triumph lies in the swift and effortless switch between landscape and portrait shooting modes, enhancing the shooting experience, especially when working with vertical format videos.

The thumb screw loosens smoothly, enabling a quick and easy rotation of the mounting plate. Although the rotation mechanics took some time to “break in” during the initial phase, the mechanism’s fluidity improved, ensuring flawless operation.

However, it’s essential to note that while the mount plate kit greatly enhances the camera’s tripod-based usage, it might slightly impede comfort during handheld operations due to its design under the grip. Overall, the SmallRig Mount Plate Kit provides high performance, simplicity, and versatility, ensuring a smooth shooting experience, though it may not be ideal for all handheld shooting situations.

SmallRig Rotatable Horizontal-to-Vertical Mount Plate Kit

Final Thoughts

The SmallRig Rotatable Horizontal-to-Vertical Mount Plate Kit for Sony α7R V / α7 IV / α7S III / α7R IV 4148 is an impressive piece of equipment. It’s an excellent solution for photographers and videographers who frequently switch between portrait and landscape orientations. The seamless transition it offers between these modes adds a level of convenience that’s hard to match.

The kit is well-built and designed, keeping user needs in mind. Its compatibility with Arca-type and Manfrotto RC2 tripods is a significant positive, adding to its versatility. The minor issues with handholding comfort and incompatibility with some lens models are points to note, but they don’t overshadow the mount’s benefits.

Despite these considerations, the SmallRig Mount Plate Kit delivers on its promises and exhibits excellent performance. With the ability to withstand rigorous shooting sessions and improve shooting flexibility, it’s a worthy investment for Sony camera users. Its benefits outweigh the minor drawbacks, and I can recommend it without hesitation to those needing a reliable, high-performing, and versatile mounting solution.

SmallRig Rotatable Horizontal-to-Vertical Mount Plate Kit

Before anyone comments, the images show a Sony A7 III; for the test, I borrowed an A7 IV, but I forgot to take any pictures of the plate in action. While the footprint of the A7 III is slightly different, the fit is still surprisingly good. I’ll update the images once I get an A7 IV or similar for myself.

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Richard Paul Handler
Richard Paul Handler
1 month ago

Concur with your assessment. I use it on an a7Rv. I’d add that lenses which make a camera front heavy when attached to a tripod with a conventional L-bracket, such as my Sony 2.8/90 Macro and my Tamron zooms (2.8/70-180 and 2.8-5.6/28-200) benefit from the forward position of the Arca shoe, almost like adding a lens collar.

NB: 1. The newest Tamron lenses have a USB-C port which blocks entry of the lens into the Smallrig bracket. 2. Sony teleconverters will not fit through the bracket.