Reviews |SmallRig RC 60B COB LED Video Light review

SmallRig RC 60B COB LED Video Light review

Powerful, Compact, and with Wide Lighting Modifier Compatibility

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Our Verdict

COB lighting is creating quite a stir in the photography world, renowned for its impressive power, colour fidelity, and efficiency. The new SmallRig RC 60B COB LED Video Light strikes a fine balance with its extensive features, offering a powerful, lightweight, and adaptable illumination solution for a variety of scenarios. D

espite its slightly retro, 80s-inspired design, this lamp comes to life with the latest bi-colour COB LED and user-friendly navigation. It enables exceptional scene lighting and control, a feat not easily matched by other lights in its class. Among its standout features are its ease of use and the large on-body display, which clearly shows the current settings and adjustments.

Additionally, it boasts a broad selection of well-priced lighting modifiers, though they are not a standard fit. Any concerns about the internal battery depleting mid-shoot are alleviated by the capability to plug in external power, along with a special mount in the box for a PD Power bank. While the aesthetics might hark back to a bygone era, the functionality, build quality, performance, and pricing combine to position the SmallRig RC 60B as one of the best compact lighting solutions available.


  • Compact design
  • Excellent output
  • Built-in battery


  • Slightly dated design

What is the SmallRig RC 60B COB LED Video Light?

The SmallRig RC 60B COB LED Video Light is a compact, versatile lighting solution designed for convenience in terms of both size and operation. It features a powerful 60W output and is built around a COB LED, allowing for smooth control over brightness and colour temperature. Distinguished by its straightforward and easy-to-use control system, the RC 60B includes traditional switches and dials for quick operation, including instant access to a variety of lighting effects.

This light caters to those seeking a simple yet effective lighting tool, bypassing the complexity of app-enabled, multifunctional lights. Its affordability makes it ideal for a range of creators, including independent filmmakers, videographers, and photographers. It’s particularly well-suited for on-camera shots and on-location work, offering a robust and cost-effective option for those needing a strong, adaptable light source. The RC 60B stands out as a practical choice for users at various levels, offering a balance between power, ease of use, and versatility in both photography and videography.

SmallRig RC 60B COB LED Video Light side angle


Build and Handling

The SmallRig RC 60B is designed with practicality in mind. It feels solid and robust, suggesting it’s built for heavy, frequent use. The integrated battery and the external power source mount, which accommodates a PD power bank or V-mount, make it versatile for different shooting scenarios.

Its aesthetics, featuring a black and red colour scheme, might seem a tad retro, reminiscent of the 1980s, but this contrasts intriguingly with the advanced COB lighting technology inside. The light’s setup is straightforward: a rubber cap covers the COB LED, which, once removed, allows for the attachment of modifiers. These use a non-standard mini Bowens mount, indicating some adaptability with existing equipment might be required.

The range of compact modifiers complements the light’s size, and the inclusion of a Light Stand Adapter for RC is a thoughtful touch, enhancing its ease of use. This adapter, fitting into the base via a 1/4-inch thread, allows for mounting on standard lighting stands, simplifying the setup process.

SmallRig RC 60B COB LED Video Light light adjustment

In terms of handling, the RC 60B is user-friendly. The two large dials facilitate easy adjustments, and the direct buttons are intuitive. A traditional slide switch for power on/off adds to its no-fuss, straightforward design. Overall, the SmallRig RC 60B combines a no-nonsense build with ease of use, making it a reliable tool for various lighting needs.


The SmallRig RC 60B COB LED Video Light is characterized by its convenience and high performance. It features a built-in 3400mAh battery, eliminating the need for additional power sources, and boasts a Type-C PD fast charging interface. Its lightweight and portable design makes it ideal for on-the-go content creation.

The light offers easy and precise control of colour temperature and illumination, with a clear 1.3″ LED screen for feedback. It provides exceptional colour accuracy and includes nine creative light effects. Additionally, it is equipped with a noiseless cooling fan, ensuring quiet operation during video recordings. This combination of features makes the SmallRig RC 60B a versatile tool for videographers and photographers alike.

SmallRig RC 60B COB LED Video Light rear


From the outset, or at least once the light is charged, the ease of use and flexibility of the SmallRig RC 60B stand out. When it comes to power, the internal battery offers around 45 minutes at full capacity. In our tests, I found I often dialled this down to around 20-30% for a bit of ambient fill-in, which worked incredibly well. If more power and longevity were needed throughout the test, the accessory bracket could be attached to the back, and a V-Mount or PD power bank could be connected. This process is straightforward, and the USB Type-C connectivity for PD power is universally compatible.

One small feature that I particularly like is the slide switch for powering on, which is definitive and requires no complex instructions. It’s simply either on or off, or the battery is flat.

All control over the light is managed through two dials: one for brightness and the other for colour temperature. There’s no ambiguity over the control; it’s just straightforward. A large screen clearly displays what’s going on with the settings and adjustments.

SmallRig RC 60B COB LED Video Light adjustment

Another major point in the design, navigating the slightly retro black and red design, is the accessories. These have all been extremely well considered, and while they aren’t Bowen’s compatible, the mount is smaller and of a similar style. In my test sample, I had the Mini Reflector and the Non-Standard Mini Softbox with the grid. Both are attached using a secure locking system. The Mini Reflector is small and robust, allowing you to fit other attachments when needed or tape diffusion paper over the front to soften the light. As a base modifier, it is highly effective at directing the light.

Switching to the small Mini Softbox, again, this is extremely well-made. It requires a push-down to click the ribs into place before being securely attached to the front of the light. To release, there’s a small red lever on top of the lightbox, which, when pulled back, releases the lamp. It’s all quite standard stuff.

In use, the light performs well with its ease of output, allowing for plenty of adjustment. It would have been nice to have some app control, but as a simple light that’s easy to navigate, it’s perfect.

The throw of light is superb, with the Reflector directing the light and the full 60W producing a surprisingly powerful illumination. Dialling the power down to a more reasonable 30% was ideal for illuminating a subject in a low-light situation and up to 70% as a bit of fill light outside. In brighter conditions, pushing this to 100% will probably be needed, and in very bright conditions, that 60W will definitely be drowned out by the power of the sun. Even so, for most interior work, this light produces more than sufficient light for most conditions.

Final Thoughts

The SmallRig RC 60B, with its 60w output, is quite impressive for its size, especially when typical video lighting can range from 150w to 1200W. This lamp is particularly ideal for to-camera work due to its compact, versatile, and bi-colour capabilities, making it a solid all-around choice.

SmallRig has designed this light to suit small-scale operations perfectly, whether it’s for a solo videographer or a team needing some extra fill light or balanced lighting for interviews. The control, ease of positioning, and adjustment make it suitable for users of all levels. For beginners, its simplicity is inviting, while professionals will appreciate its reliability and performance in various settings.

Adding to these points, the SmallRig RC 60 B’s blend of portability and power makes it a valuable tool for on-the-go shoots. Its range of accessories further enhances its versatility, allowing for creative lighting setups. Its affordability, coupled with its high-quality build and performance, positions it as an excellent investment for those seeking an efficient and effective lighting solution.

SmallRig RC 60B COB LED Video Light