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SmallRig NP-FZ100 Review

SmallRig NP-FZ100

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Our Verdict

SmallRig’s NP-FZ100 battery for Sony arrives as a direct replacement for the Sony NP-FZ100; however, unlike many other third-party replacements, the SmallRig offering betters the original in every way. In our tests, it outshines Sony’s offering with a higher capacity and no annoying compatibility warnings, which can often affect third-party batteries. The unique light blue hue makes it stand out and easy to locate in your kit bag, even in lower light conditions. But what really sets it apart is the USB Type-C charging, making it an extremely convenient power solution. If you’re after reliability, charging without the faff, innovation, and a power solution for your Sony that’s better than the original, then the SmallRig NP-FZ100 is a must-buy.


  • USB-C Charging
  • Higher Capacity
  • Easy to find in the dark


  • Very little

What is The SmallRig NP-FZ100?

The SmallRig NP-FZ100 is a bit different from many of the other third-party batties that are available for Sony cameras. It’s not only a replacement option for the original but also improves the quality of use and capacity of Sony’s own. This replacement battery is designed to work seamlessly with Sony cameras, employing the same physical specs to ensure a snug fit.

However, where the SmallRig version excels is in its higher 2400mAh capacity, compared to the 2280mAh found in Sony’s own NP-FZ100, offering extra minutes for both video and stills. The big feature here, however, is the Direct USB Type-C charging—simply plug in a cable into the battery, and you can expect a full charge in around 2 and a half hours.

But it’s not just about functionality; it’s about practicality, too. With its distinctive light blue finish, the SmallRig NP-FZ100 is easily distinguishable from your other batteries, making it easy to locate in low-light conditions and in the pit of your kit bag.

SmallRig NP-FZ100


  • Li-Ion: Battery Type
  • 2400mAh: Capacity
  • 7.2V: Voltage
  • 2.5 hours (USB Type-C): Charging Time
  • 5V 2.2A: Charging Input
  • Direct USB Type-C: Charging Method

Build and Handling

Out of the box, the SmallRig NP-FZ100 feels robust and well-made, a match to the quality you’d expect from Sony’s batteries. It slots into the camera, in this case, a Sony A7 III, as you’d expect, with the dimensions and designs exactly matching that of the branded version. A point to note is that, unlike some other third-party batteries, you won’t get the warning messages that can often plague other brands.

The layout and design are essentially identical to the Sony NP-FZ100. The difference other than the labels and some small detailing is the satin light blue finish. Though some might find it an acquired taste, this unique colour scheme serves a practical function, making it easy to identify among the sea of black batteries in your kit bag and easier to pick out in low light.

The biggest feature is the Direct USB Type-C charging capability. This means that there is no need for separate chargers; just plug it into a power source with a USB Type-C cable, and you’re good to go.

SmallRig NP-FZ100


The SmallRig NP-FZ100 isn’t just a direct replacement for the Sony original; it brings new functionalities. First, the Direct USB Type-C charging is one of the biggest innovations for this battery type that I have come across. This feature isn’t a gimmick; it allows you to connect the battery to any compatible power source, such as a BLUETTI AC180 power station, UGREEN 145W power bank or laptop, and reach a full charge in approximately two and a half hours. This eliminates the need for separate chargers, adding a layer of convenience that’s genuinely beneficial.

The increased 2400mAh capacity also boosts the feature set. While only slightly higher than the Sony NP-FZ100’s 2280mAh, those extra 120mAh can make a difference during extended photo sessions or while filming. When you’re out capturing the perfect shot, those additional minutes might just be what you need to get the job done without swapping batteries. Feature wise, despite this just being a battery it boosts what the standard Sony NP-FZ100 offers.

SmallRig NP-FZ100


It’s a battery so what more can you add? Well in the case of the SmallRig NP-FZ100, it seems quite a bit. In terms of doing what it’s supposed to, the SmallRig NP-FZ100 certainly ticks all the boxes and then some. Sliding it into a Sony A7 III, A7 IV and any other Sony camera compatible with the NP-FZ100 format, you’ll find no compatibility issues or warning messages. The battery effectively replicates the role of Sony’s NP-FZ100 but steps ahead by offering a greater power reserve with its 2400mAh capacity.

One thing that stands out is its Direct USB Type-C charging. This isn’t just a gimmicky add-on, and actually, from the outset that’s obvious; it’s a practical benefit that streamlines your workflow. When the battery depletes, just connect it to your laptop or power bank and it’ll start charging. In our tests, the battery went from zero to full charge in roughly 2 hours 30 minutes when plugged into a UGREEN 145W power bank.

When it comes to the extra 120mAh do make a difference, that 5% additional capacity which equates to roughly the same in recording time. While it might not sound like much, it translated to around 20 more photos in our shoot or extended the video recording time by roughly 5 minutes.

SmallRig NP-FZ100

Final thoughts

The SmallRig NP-FZ100 is one of the best third-party replacements for the Sony’s NP-FZ100 that I have looked at, not only matching but bettering the capacity. The 2400mAh capacity, slightly higher than the Sony original, helps to extend shooting capabilities, allowing a few extra shots or minutes of video.

The Direct USB Type-C charging is the real winning and a feature that genuinely streamlines workflow. No more separate chargers to worry about, and it slots right into the existing charging ecosystem that most modern tech gadgets, even Apple are moving toward, actually have to move toward. Simply plug it into your power bank or laptop, and you’re ready to go.

In a full of third-party battery alternatives, the SmallRig NP-FZ100 sets itself apart through innovation and practicality. If you’re in the market for a more reliable and convenient power source for your Sony camera, then the SmallRig NP-FZ100 should be a must buy.