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SmallRig AirTag Mount Plate Review

SmallRig AirTag Mount Plate

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Our Verdict

The SmallRig Mount Plate for AirTag has been designed by SmallRig DreamRigger Owen Hunte and designer Clara Oswald to help photographers and videographers keep tabs on their gear. The small unit features a minimalist all-metal design that lets you discreetly attach an AirTag to any camera with a cage and offers peace of mind without adding unnecessary bulk. Attaching the AirTag Mount plate is easy, with an 18mm slot enabling you to bolt into a rig before the AirTag is installed and secured. Despite being a niche product, it serves its purpose exceptionally well, making it a worthy investment for those using AirTags with their equipment.


  • Secure Fit
  • Great for security


  • Niche Product

What is the SmallRig Mount Plate for AirTag?

The SmallRig Mount Plate for AirTag is a universal camera attachment designed to hold an Apple AirTag securely. The Mount Plate for AirTag essentially requires a camera cage to be used with your camera and then bolts onto it. Once in place, the AirTag is always attached to your camera so that you can track it with the Where’s My app in the event that you misplace it. The mounting plate is well-constructed and made from durable aluminium alloy and PC. Notably, it features an 18mm through slot with a 1/4-inch threaded hole for expandability and an EVA pad to stop the tag from rattling around in the frame. The AirTag is held in place with a cover bolted down with M2.5 screws; the design also includes a side hole to enhance proximity tracking distance.


  • Dimensions: 40.0 x 36.0 x 16.0mm
  • Weight: 23.0g ± 5.0g
  • Materials: Aluminum Alloy, PC
  • Compatibility: Apple AirTag

Build and Handling

The SmallRig Mount Plate for AirTag is a compact yet robust unit. The combination of aluminium alloy and PC ensures it can withstand regular use and will hold in place extremely securely once secured to a cage.

The size of the Mount Plate is large enough to completely house an AirTag, providing a snug fit without wiggling, and the pad that pops inside completely stops any noise that would have otherwise been produced from any slight movement.

Mounting the AirTag is a straightforward process, though it requires a tool due to the M2.5 screws. Once installed, the AirTag is hidden inside the case, and while it adds a little bulk, it’s still a very neat solution.SmallRig AirTag Mount Plate


SmallRig’s AirTag Mount Plate is a protective cage for AirTag, and the features are limited. The design is large enough to hold an AirTag, and the 1/4-inch threaded hole enables you to bolt it to a cage, tripod or anything else with the correct-sized thread.

As you assemble the mounting plate, there’s a built-in EVA pad to prevent noise during movement; this is essentially a small piece of plastic with a thin layer of foam. This noise prevention feature has been added to ensure that the AirTag doesn’t make any noise when recording video. The side hole on the mounting plate has been added to help enhance the proximity tracking distance of the AirTag, not something I can really comment on or test, but something that SmallRig has highlighted.


The SmallRig Mount Plate for AirTag performs exceptionally well. Once attached, it holds the AirTag securely in place without any rattle or noise, thanks to the built-in EVA pad. The fit of the AirTag to camera rigs is simple enough, with the main part of the unit being fixed in place before the AirTag, EVA pad and top are all bolted down. Once in place, the Mount Plate really just becomes an extended part of the cage, and really you just don’t need to think about it.

Testing it out, and the AirTag alerts my phone as soon as it’s left somewhere unfamiliar. So, all very simple yet effective.

SmallRig AirTag Mount Plate

Final Thoughts

The SmallRig Mount Plate for AirTag is a simple but effective accessory for photographers and videographers using AirTags to protect their gear. The design is minimalist, sturdy and as long as there’s space for it on your cage, then it’s a simple enough addition.

While it serves a niche market, its benefits are huge. I already have AirTags in most of my camera bags, so I get alerted if I leave anything behind. The ability to directly AirTag the cameras as well is a great idea.

It feels like the idea could be further enhanced to have a mounting plate for camera straps, but essentially if you have room to attach one of these units to your camera’s cage, it will offer a certain peace of mind.

SmallRig AirTag Mount Plate