Reviews |Saramonic Blink Me 2-Person Wireless System Review

Saramonic Blink Me 2-Person Wireless System Review

Saramonic Blink Me 2-Person Wireless System

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Our Verdict

The Blink Me 2-person wireless system instantly impresses with its innovative touchscreen design and ability to display your logo on the circular front-facing screen.

The battery life is outstanding as long as you don’t lock the screen on, and even then, it outperforms most competitors. The advanced noise cancellation and sound quality are impressive, making it a great choice for capturing clean, clear audio. There’s a generous 8GB of storage onboard each transmitter for direct audio recording.

While it lacks a lavalier option, the included magnetic clip system compensates by providing versatile placement options. Geared towards vloggers and podcasters, Blink Me offers a unique and practical solution for audio capture and personal branding.


  • Ability to customise screen
  • Innovative LCD Display
  • Comprehensive App Control


  • Lacks Lavalier Option
  • Large Transmitter Units

What is Blink Me 2-person wireless system?

The Blink Me 2-person wireless system is an innovative wireless audio recording system designed for vloggers, podcasters, or anyone needing a compact wireless mic system. The Blink Me 2-person wireless system incorporates two transmitters and a receiver, each with an interactive touchscreen LCD interface.

One of the standout features of the Blink Me transmitters is the ability to display a custom logo on the LCD screens. This makes it perfect for branding and promoting your identity during videos.

The Blink Me wireless system has onboard storage on each transmitter, allowing you to record directly onto the device in various formats, including AAC, WAV, and MP3. This capability is backed by 8GB memory, allowing you to store audio data on the devices.

Saramonic Blink Me 2-Person Wireless System

The active noise-cancelling feature and voice enhancement options ensure the quality of sound in various environments. The device also allows simultaneous recording through the 3.5mm and USB-C outputs, providing greater versatility.

A core feature of the system is the Saramonic App, which controls Blink Me’s settings and features. The App enables customisation of audio parameters and enables easy firmware updates.


  • Audio Formats: AAC, WAV, MP3
  • Connectivity: Wireless, 3.5mm and USB-C outputs
  • Maximum Distance: Approximately 100 meters
  • Battery Life: Up to 24 hours
  • Storage: 8GB onboard
  • Features: Active noise reduction, Voice enhancement, Simultaneous recording, Magnetic clips and mounts
  • Additional Accessories: Wind jammers, Magnetic mounts, Tripod phone holder, and All necessary cables included
  • Special Feature: Logo display on LCD

Build and Handling

Arriving in a neat semi-hard case, the Blink Me 2 instantly shows a level of design and understanding that few other manufacturers can display. Firstly the case holds everything you need, from the two transmitters, receivers, cables, clips and mounts. The ability to hold everything in one case would seem like common sense, but it’s rare and very welcome.

The system’s design is innovative, unique and well thought out, with the two transmitters on either side of the receiver in the case. Once each is removed, the clip of choice is attached through a touch magnet system and then it can be clipped or magnetised to your clothing, all very simple.

Checking over the transmitters’ and receiver, all have a robust build quality and feel durable.

Saramonic Blink Me 2-Person Wireless System

The unique feature of this system is the touchscreen interface on the transmitters and receiver, allowing easy access to settings and direct recording onto the device. It is intuitive, user-friendly, and adds a unique personal touch by enabling you to display their logo on the screen. This addition is all done through the App.

Runtime is quoted as up to 24 hours, although that’s in the default mode, where the screen automatically switches off after a few seconds. In this test, I found that I wanted the logo to be displayed at all times, so I locked the screen to always be on. This still provided ample power for a few projects lasting a good couple of hours, if not longer.

The only downside is that there is no option to attach a Lavalier mic, but then with the vlogger in mind, these mics are about keeping it simple and, with that screen, keeping things on brand!


The Saramonic BlinkMe 2 Wireless Microphone System is quite different from the run-of-the-mill wireless mic systems I’ve looked at recently. It’s been designed for content creators, and with a combination of features such as the LCD screen on the front of each transmitter, magnetic clip system and dedicated App.

First and foremost, the BlinkMe 2 is compatible with any camera that offers 3.5mm TRS/TRRS or other devices that offer a USB-C input, such as a smartphone, camera, laptop, or other compatible gadgets.

The touchscreen microphone transmitters are a standout feature of the BlinkMe 2 and set it apart from other systems. Adjusting settings through the touchscreen interface is easy, and you even have the option for onboard recording, which can be started directly through the transmitter unit. The noise cancelling is another feature that boosts the overall performance with the amount of noise reduction quickly adjustable, again using that touch screen.

Saramonic Blink Me 2-Person Wireless System

The BlinkMe 2’s transmitters come equipped with built-in omni-directional microphones, providing added convenience; it’s worth pointing out that there is no external mic option. Additionally, the magnetic clips and mounts included with the system make it easy to securely attach the transmitters to your clothing, allowing you to move freely and naturally during recordings.

The dual receiver is at the heart of the BlinkMe 2 system, which serves as a central command centre for your audio setup. The receiver offers an impressive 24-hour runtime, ensuring your recording sessions can last as long as needed; in this test, this clipped to the magnetic hotshoe mount and attached directly to the camera. Once in place, a 3.5mm cable connected the receiver and camera. Before recording starts, you have the option for the Mono/Stereo/Safety output setting, which provides an extra layer of flexibility for the audio output. There’s also the option to plug in headphones to monitor the audio and a USB-C Digital Audio Out.

An important feature of the BlinkMe 2 is the App that unlocks advanced control and customisation features. You can personalise the touchscreen interface through the App with unique UI wallpapers to match your style and preferences; in this review, I popped in a few different options including the Camera Jabber Logo.

The transmitters support up to 22 hours of onboard recording with a 24-bit/48kHz resolution. The added HD Active Noise-Cancellation function eliminates unwanted background noise, which should help to provide clear audio.

Saramonic Blink Me 2-Person Wireless System

Looking closer at that screen and the BlinkMe 2 transmitters feature a 1.3-inch TFT (Thin-Film-Transistor LED) display with Panda Glass and AF Coating, while the receiver boasts a 0.96-inch TFT display with the same features. The 2.4GHz Digital Frequency transmission type with Digital Modulation ensures reliable and interference-free communication within a line-of-sight range of 328 feet (100m).

Keeping the units powered is an internal rechargeable Li-Ion battery charged through USB Type-C. The easiest way to charge is to attach the two transmitters to the receiver and plug the receiver into the power source, meaning everything charges simultaneously. Through the test, the battery life was exceptional even with the screen on, and in all cases lasted for the duration of the shoots, making sure the transmitters were placed back onto the receiver between shoots.

Regarding design and features, the BlinkMe 2 keeps things simple, with the App giving you access to advanced and innovative features like the wallpaper change for the transmitter units.


The Blink Me 2-person wireless system’s performance is impressive on several fronts. Starting with the user experience, the system offers a refreshingly unique experience. The transmitters’ touchscreen interface is not something you would usually see. It makes it incredibly easy to navigate various settings, record directly onto the device, and control display brightness and other features. This intuitive and responsive system greatly enhances the usability of the device.

When I first started to use the Blink Me 2 units, the first thing that I wanted to do was to change the screen design. This was quickly changed using the App, with an image from my library’s image being easily selected and applied. The App handles the resizing process for you. Once on the screen, it replaces the default setting but only appears for a few seconds before disappearing. To keep the image on the screen, you must delve back into the settings and switch the screen to always on, once set that will be the default each time you come to use the transmitter mics.

Moving from the screen to more audio-related features, the active noise reduction performs exceptionally well, successfully reducing consistent hums and background noise. However, if you want the best possible audio quality you might prefer to apply noise reduction during post-processing. An added voice enhancement feature gives voices a richer sound, making it especially valuable for vloggers and interviewers.

Saramonic Blink Me 2-Person Wireless System

The Blink Me system quotes a 24-hour runtime, using the default settings, and I quickly decided that having the screen on full-time was preferable to having a black screen. With the screen on, the mics look like large badges and are great for brand awareness. The devices displayed good battery life even with the screen constantly on.

The simultaneous recording feature is well worth a mention; swipe, tap the button and recording starts. When downloading the audio files, all you need to do is attach a USB cable and plug it into your computer, and the transmitters will appear as a small drive ready for the files to be offloaded.

The Blink Me system handles interference very well. Through the tests, the units provided a clear, interference-free signal for a decent distance with a clear line of sight. However, slight signal dropouts and audio digitisation occurred as I reached the maximum distance.

It’s worth mentioning that the devices are not waterproof, as they do have the look that they might be!

Regarding audio recording, the onboard storage provides significant flexibility with a sizable 8GB memory. The different formats, AAC, WAV, or MP3, offer variation in audio quality for general use, and advanced users can take advantage of higher sample and bit rates for their audio capture.

Final thoughts

The Blink Me 2-person wireless system is an innovative solution for those seeking an easy-to-use, high-performance audio device. It excels in its unique touchscreen LCD interface, robust build, and comprehensive app control. Its 24-hour battery life is impressive, and even with the screen in constant use, the battery life is still good, making it a great solution for audio capture throughout the day.

Nevertheless, the product isn’t without its shortcomings. For instance, the lack of a Lavalier mic option may make it less appealing to those seeking a more discreet solution. While the magnetic clasp system is innovative, the size of the transmitter units compared to competitors may be an issue; they are quite large. The noise reduction feature is excellent, although some background noise intrusion is inevitable in particularly noisy environments.

Saramonic Blink Me 2-Person Wireless System

The Blink Me 2-person wireless system offers great value in terms of price. The unique features and reliable performance it delivers make it competitive and something a little different from most other wireless microphone systems on the market. For vloggers or anyone looking for a solution that allows them to show their logo while capturing solid audio quality, the Blink Me 2-person wireless system is worthy of consideration.