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The Sabrent SD UHS-II V90 card has an instant high-quality feel, and not just because of the metal case it arrives in. The case is a welcome addition for a card that, at the smallest capacity, will still set you back near enough £100/$100.
The card itself is of decent quality, and a good check-over confirms that it has been well made. Popped into a Sony A7 III and Canon EOS R5 and the V90 video speed class proves more than capable of keeping up with the transfer demands of the camera.
Through the test, the card performed well, far exceeding the minimum specs required to meet the different class ratings.
Sabrent might not be the best knowledge in the memory card market, but their SSDs are well respected, and these SD cards are of the same high quality.


  • Fast
  • Well Priced
  • Nice case design


  • Very little

What is the Sabrent SD UHS-II V90 Card?

The Sabrent SD UHS-II V90 Card is a video class SD card that offers transfer speeds of up to 280MB/s. These SD cards are ideal for anyone shooting high-resolution video with the latest cameras, such as the Canon EOS R5.

The card utilises the latest UHS-II technology and is compatible with all cameras that support the format. The Sabrent is also fully backwards compatible with UHS-I cameras and card slots.

When it comes to speed class ratings, the card is V90, Class 10 and U3; this essentially means that in cameras that support V90, it will offer a minimum write speed of 90MB/s, U3 means a minimum of 30MB/s and Class 10, 10MB/s when looking at the backward compatibility.

Inside the card is the latest BiCS5 112-layer 3D TLC flash memory with bad block management and static and dynamic wear-levelling to ensure a good long life for the card.

But, it’s not just the capacities and speed that make this range really stand out. Most UHS-II cards on the market will hit 256GB; now, the Sabrent extends that capacity to a huge 512GB, making it one of the largest capacity cards on the market.

This capacity makes it an ideal choice for 4, 6 and 8K videos.


  • Capacity: 64, 128, 256, 512GB
  • Max Write Speed: 250MB/s
  • Max Read: 280MB/s
  • SD Card type: UHS-II


I looked at the 64 and 128GB versions of the SD card in this test, and used them in the Sony A7 III and Canon EOS R5. In both cameras, the speed of the UHS-II technology was more than enough to keep up with the data requirements of the cameras, both when shooting video and stills.

In the Canon EOS R5, the demands when shooting 8K video at 25fps were met, although battery life on the camera itself was relatively short.

Putting both cards through their paces with the Blackmagic Disk Speed test produced the following results. Both cards were very similar in the transfer speeds.

Write: 227.6MB/s
Read: 249.3MB/s

Overall an excellent performance from the cards, and subjecting the cards to a stress test running with the software for an hour, the cards kept up consistancy with those transfer speeds.

Final Thoughts

The price of UHS-II cards is still staggeringly high, but while the Sabrent cards are by no means the cheapest solution, they are one of the higher-quality that I have looked at.

The fact that they arrive in a hard metal case that keeps them protected gives the cards an instant feeling of quality. The only real issue I could see with the cards is that there is nowhere to scribble on the card’s label itself, and I’m always loathed to stick on any additional labels in case they peel off in cameras.

As UHS-II SD cards go, the Sabrent are as good as they get, being a well-balanced and well-priced example.

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