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Our Verdict

Need a compact ultra-bright light; the RiBL Aura MVL1 LED Video Light Kit is an incredibly versatile option.

The small LED lamp and micro tripod come as a kit, and after a charge with the USB Type-C cable provided, the lamp provides you with a huge 5W of power.

The spread of illumination is more than enough to be used as a decent fill-in light for video, and with the temperature adjustment, it’s easy to match the surrounding ambient light.

There’s little to fault with the light and how well it works in a multitude of scenarios, from photography to adding a bit of fill light during filming.


  • Compact
  • Good colour accuracy
  • Bright for the size


  • No front accessory option

What is the RiBL Aura MVL1 LED Video Light Kit?

The RiBL Aura MVL1 LED Video Light Kit is a compact lighting solution that consists of a small LED light and a micro tripod.

The LED lamp features two different coloured LEDs, which enable you to adjust the colour temperature from 250-6500k. Power to the lamp is supplied through an internal 2000mAh battery that charges through a USB Type-C cable.

The battery lasts for a good hour at full power, but tone the power down, and it obviously lasts considerably longer.

LED lights like this are plentiful, but this RiBL Aura does stand out; firstly, the build quality is decent for the price, but having the bi-colour LEDs meaning the colour temperature can be adjusted, does give it the edge over most of the competition.

It’s also incredibly cheap for the power and the temperature adjustment feature; it’s just a nice complete package.

When it comes to using the power makes it a fantastic option as a fill-in for interviews and vlogging, but that brightness means that it’s also good for still life photography.


  • Power output: 5W
  • Bi-Colour temperature: 2500-6500K
  • Color Rendering Index rating: CRI95+
  • Battery: Built-in 2000mah
  • Vertical rotation: 360º


The RiBL Aura MVL1 LED Video Light Kit has been designed primarily for vloggers looking for a bit of fill-in light to illuminate their productions.

For this simple task, this small lamp is perfectly designed. Firstly the small micro tripod enables it to be placed easily on a surface and rotated through its 360º mount in the direction that you need.

The micro tripod is a simple no-frills plastic thing, but the lamps mount is of better quality, nicely made and finished.

What makes the mount stand out is that as well as featuring a 1/4-inch thread on the base, it also has a cold shoe compatible mount. This means that it will slot directly into your camera hotshoe, which is ideal for vlogging and interviews.

The mount gives you easy access to the lamps, three controls, two dials, one on either side that adjust the brightness and then colour temperature; there’s also a power button in the centre.

On the back are three RED power LEDs that let you know how much charge is left in the lamp. At full power, each red LED highlights about 15 minutes of use.

The lighting panel consists of 66 LEDs, 33 of each colour adjusted with the CT dial. Adjusting these changes the lamp’s colour temperature and is a fantastic feature on a lamp of this size and price.

Over the LEDs is a diffusion panel that does an OK job of reducing the harsh LED light effect, but as ever, if you want softer, then a bit more diffusion would be a good idea.

After using the lamp for a few weeks, I have to say that it impressed me in so many ways. The small size, the decent battery life, the huge amount of power and the ability to adjust the colour temperature all in one inexpensive package.

This is an impressive LED light, and there’s no arguing with that. However, there’s always something that makes you think, if only.

For the RiBL Aura, MVL1 LED Video Light Kit that if only is, if only it could attach accessories, a simple addition diffuser for a softer light for example, but that’s just picking.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately this RiBL Aura MVL1 LED Video Light Kit is amazing and an ideal choice for anyone wanting an LED lamp to throw a little extra light into their productions.

It’s small, easy to use, powerful and cheap. What more could you want? Not, a lot is the answer.

Getting picky, the built-in diffuser does its job, but wack the lamp to its brightest and a little more diffusion would be good, but otherwise.

The RiBL Aura MVL1 LED Video Light Kit is an amazing choice for anyone needing an LED lighting solution on a budget.


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