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PNY EliteX Pro review

PNY EliteX Pro review

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Our Verdict

The PNY EliteX Pro SSD stands out as a compact, high-performance storage solution, ideal for photographers and videographers. Its small size and lightweight design make it highly portable, while its robust build ensures durability. Offering impressive read and write speeds, it efficiently handles large files and quick data transfers, crucial for media professionals. While it falls slightly short of its advertised speed, it remains remarkably fast. The compatibility with both Mac and PC, minimal power consumption, and the security offered by Acronis software adds to its appeal. For those in the photography and videography fields, the EliteX Pro SSD is a reliable, high-capacity choice.

What is the PNY EliteX Pro?

The PNY EliteX Pro is a compact SSD drive, small in both physical size and weight. It offers storage capacities ranging from 500GB to a substantial 4TB.

Designed for professionals needing robust and fast storage, the drive features a full metal casing for strength and resilience. Its fast USB Type-C connection enables quick data transfers from cameras to computers.
Despite its speed and use of the latest technology, PNY has managed to keep the prices relatively low, making this one of the most affordable large-capacity, small-sized solutions on the market.


  • Storage Capacities: 500GB to 4TB.
  • Dimensions: 6.35 cm x 5.72 cm x 1.09 cm
  • Weight: 35g
  • Casing: Aluminium.
  • Connection: Fast USB Type-C USB 3.2 Gen 2×2.
  • Read speed: 1,600 MB/s
  • Write speed: 1,500 MB/s
  • Cables: No built-in cables, but includes a standard USB Type-C cable in the box.
  • Indicator Light: Small white activity light above the USB connection.

Build and Handling

The PNY EliteX Pro is surprisingly lightweight at 35g and measures 65mm x 58mm x 11mm. Despite its lightweight, which may initially raise durability concerns, the drive has proven robust, easily handling everyday life.

Its durability is aided by its compact form factor, enabling easy protection, and the thin yet sturdy aluminium casing. However, the drive isn’t waterproof.

The aluminium casing is key in dissipating heat during data transfer. The EliteX Pro’s slim profile fits easily into a pocket. It doesn’t have built-in cables, but a standard USB Type-C cable is included for connectivity.

The drive’s light weight ensures it doesn’t strain the cable, offering flexibility for on-site use. The aluminium casing adds a premium look and feel, although a rubber jacket to prevent slipping would have been beneficial. A small white indicator light above the USB connection signals activity.

Overall, the build and handling of this drive are excellent.


The EliteX-PRO USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 Type-C Portable SSD blends speed, design, and capacity. At its core lies extreme performance capabilities, with read and write speeds reaching up to 1,600 MB/s and 1,500 MB/s, respectively. This makes it up to 30 times faster than traditional USB 3.0 flash drives, ensuring rapid transfer and storage of files.

This SSD isn’t just about speed; its sleek, aluminium design is both compact and comfortable to hold, perfect for life on the move. Its advanced USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 interface not only promises blazing-fast speeds but also ensures backward compatibility with USB 3.2 Gen 1, USB 2.0, and USB 1.1 host devices.

Connectivity is made possible with a choice of USB-A or USB-C-enabled devices; included are a USB Type-C to C cable and a USB Type-C to A cable. Our test sample is the 500GB version, but the range features a 1TB, 2TB and generous 4TB version.

Whatever the capacity you select, the drive comes equipped with Acronis True Image Data Protection Software, providing an easy and reliable way to back up your important data.


Throughout the test, I put the small drive through various scenarios. The first was as a compact drive for use between the studio and home. In this scenario, the drive seamlessly backed up image files from Capture One, outperforming the speed of the studio machines while being fully backwards compatible.

During a shoot, the drive efficiently handled backups from Canon EOS R5 C and Sony A7 IV cards. A test with CFExpress cards transferred 61GB of data in 76 seconds.

For video editing, files shot in RAW Lite were easily managed on the PNY EliteX Pro, enabling quick editing and grading of a five-minute video.
Scientifically tested with the Blackmagic Disk Speed test, the drive’s performance was impressive, though slightly below PNY’s advertised speeds. It averaged write and read speeds of 880MB/s and 825MB/s, formatted to exFAT. Speeds increased with larger files but dropped slightly with hundreds of smaller image files.

The drive was tested on both Mac and PC systems, formatted as exFAT for cross-compatibility. On a PC, the average transfer speed exceeded 1000MB/s.

Despite using BUS power, the drive’s power draw was minimal and had little noticeable effect on the laptop battery drain.

The included Acronis True Image Data Protection Software adds a layer of security, proving to be a valuable feature for data protection.
Overall, the PNY EliteX Pro’s performance was exceptional—compact, fast, and with ample capacity, making it a great addition to any kit.

Final Thoughts

The PNY EliteX Pro SSD impresses with its compact size and robust performance. Its lightweight design belies its durability and strength, handling everyday use with ease. Despite not quite reaching the advertised speeds, it delivers exceptional read and write speeds, making data transfers swift and efficient.

The drive’s compatibility with both Mac and PC systems, formatted as exFAT, enhances its versatility. Additionally, the minimal power draw and added security of Acronis True Image Data Protection Software are noteworthy. Overall, the PNY EliteX Pro is a top-notch, reliable choice for professionals seeking a portable, high-capacity storage solution.