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Pixel Liber Pocket Video Light Review

Pixel Liber Pocket Video Light review

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LED is the lighting choice for most imaging professionals, and it’s easy to see why; bright, adjustable and power efficient. The Pixel Liber video light realises the power of LED in one small package.
It’s compact, offers full RGB, ten animated visual lighting effects and full app compatibility.
While there are direct controls on the Pixel Liber, the dedicated App is by far the best control option.
The Pixel App, available for iOS and Android, is simple to follow and even features a colour picker that enables the light to mimic the colours of real-world objects. When it comes to compact lighting, there really is little not to like about this stunning light.


  • Compact
  • Feature-packed
  • Full RGB


  • Rubber diffuser could be better designed
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What is the Pixel Liber?

The Pixel Liber pocket video light is a small LED light that’s a touch larger than a pack of cards. The build quality is excellent and coupled with a functional design it far surpass what you would usually expect from an imaging light at this price point.

The Pixel Liber differs from other LED lights of this size simply because it features full RGB LEDs. These colour changing LED’s enable the light to emit reds, greens and blues, as well as the more normal range of colour temperatures.

Suppose you want to add a green, yellow or even pink hue to your images, then with this light, you can.
The light is simple with a 1/4-inch thread on the base and side enabling plenty of mounting option. The power, charging port and dual-use control dials are all neatly positioned on the other side.

Alongside the direct controls the lamp can also be controlled through a BlueTooth connection to the iOS or Android App.

Pixel Liber Pocket Video Light review
As well as the light, there’s a rubberised diffuser that neatly slots over the lamp and helps soften the LED illumination.

Pixel Liber Pocket Video Light review
The final trick that this small light has is that inside are two small magnets; this means that you can pop it onto metal surfaces such as fridge doors, radiators and railings.


  • Colour Temperature: 2500-8500k
  • Hue range: 0-765
  • Brightness control: 0-100%
  • Lighting scene modes: 10 pre-set
  • App control : iOS and Android
  • Copy Colour Mode: Yes
  • Battery: 3000mAh
  • Max power running time: 90 minutes


Switch on the small Liber, and the illumination that it emits defies the size. This compact light is bright, but what’s nice about the design is that there’s plenty of adjustment.

Alongside the light is a rubber diffuser, this has a dual function, firstly it softens the harsh light of the LEDs and secondly, it acts as a protective case.

Not that the Pixel Liber feels like it needs protection, as the solid Aluminum Alloy outer is just about as robust as any light I’ve come across.

Pixel Liber Pocket Video Light review

The design is sleek, with the LEDs on the front covered by a protective non-removable diffusion panel. This built-in panel offers just about enough diffusion to be used without the larger rubber option at the lower brightness levels.
On the side is the dual-use dial; as standard, this is used to adjust the lamp brightness in 1% intervals; this ensures plenty of control, and the dial itself is self-centring, so a simple push up to increase and pull down to reduce.
A quick dial push switches the adjustment to colour temperature, a small arrow on the LCD screen highlights the switch. Again the dial is used to adjust the settings from 2500-8500k.
To access the RGB and effects controls, the dial needs to be depressed for a second. It’s simple and easy to use, but using the App is easier.
The App is available for iOS and Android and, once downloaded, connects your phone to the lamp using BlueTooth. This BlueTooth connection is robust, and the auto connect feature works exceptionally well.
Once connected, you have access to all lamp controls, albeit in a much nicer and intuitive touch screen interface compared with the on-device controls.
Again brightness and colour temperature adjustment are made with sliders rather than a dial; it’s simple and accurate.

Delving in deeper and effects such as lighting can be applied with ease. While there’s plenty of adjustment, those save options are limited when it comes to saving the lighting colour styles you’ve created.

Looking at the direct lighting and the colour picker screen, you can save that option by tapping the heart icon. The settings for that illumination is then saved to favourites and can be recalled as needed. However, while there is a small depiction of the colour, there is no way to name the settings – this addition would be helpful if you had a selection of colour options that you use.

Likewise, in the lighting effects menu, you have ten preset effects – it would be nice to have the option to adjust these animated lighting sequences or even create your own.

Finally, one of the features that I like is the camera obtain option. Once selected, you point the camera at a colour you like, tap obtain, and the light simulates that colour. Again that colour can be saved and recalled to favourites.

Final Thoughts

The Pixel Liber is a fantastic compact LED light with little to fault at the price. The brightness, adjustment, power and build are all excellent, and this device has so much potential.

However, when a device is this good, there are small features that you would like to see, primarily the ability to name the preset lighting colours that you create, rather than just having a coloured icon. Another feature would be the ability to use the camera in-app.

Pixel Liber Pocket Video Light review
Pushing the functionality of this lamp further, full integration with apps such as FilMiC Pro would elevate the use of this light.

However, if you’re looking for a small, robust light with plenty of power and features, there is little not to like about the Pixel Liber Pocket video Light.

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