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Photography Playing Cards (Standard) Review

Learn photographic skills and terminology over a game of cards.

Photography Playing Cards (Standard)

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Our Verdict

It’s been a long time since I had so much fun playing cards, and I’ve had some great games since the begining of the lockdowns.

The Players Photographic cards add an extra layer to the game; they’re a talking point with snippets of photographic knowledge that get the conversation going even if they slow the game’s flow.

The pack is like any other pack of cards. However, rather than just showing number and suits, the number cards are filled with photographic knowledge, such as explaining the cameras’ exposure meter, aperture and what all those numbers mean, and the advantages and disadvantages of RAW and JPEG.

The cards are a wealth of knowledge and fun for all who attempt to participate in the game. The only downside is that the more photographers you have around the table, the further from the game and deeper into a photographic conversation you get.

An absolute must for any photographer or anyone you want to convert subliminally.


  • Learn photography while you play cards
  • Decent quality
  • Fun illustrations


  • Distraction from the card game
  • More expensive than standard cards

What are the Players Photographic Cards?

I have to admit to being partial to a good game of cards, even more so when my unsuspecting components are being subconsciously fed the fundamentals of photography.

Not only does this feed a new and subconscious topic of conversation to my unsuspecting victims, but it gets them away from talking about football or something else I have no interest in.

Photography Playing Cards (Standard)

The Travel9to5 playing cards are a full deck of beautifully designed mid-weight cards that will add a bit of fun and conversation to your next round of bridge, Poker or whatever game you ace.


  • Number of cards: 55: 52 x playing cards, 3 x Joker


The cards arrive as a typical 52 card set with the addition of 2 Jokers, plus a Joker with a silverback.

Settling down at the table with a few other suitably engaged players and cards are dealt, tea poured, and slices of cake cut before the first cards are dealt.

Photography Playing Cards (Standard)

It’s instantly apparent that playing Poker could raise a few issues, especially as player two openly starts to ask questions about depth & layers.

I’m more than happy to oblige with answers to their questions; I now know that player two is armed with the 5 of hearts.

After a few hours of pre-game prep, and most of the cards are learnt off by heart, all I need to do is keep the conversation about photography flowing.

A subtle blurt of information from one or other players is all that I need for that added insight into the other player’s hands. It’s a small advantage, but when your high playing stakes like this, any advantage is welcome.

After a game of good length, at least 3 minutes, the youngest amongst us screams SNAP, and the game is brought to a close. The next round apparently is 52 pick-up.

As a side note, the quality of the cards means that they wipe down easily to remove traces of cake, and show good resilience after flying across the room.


These cards are a great gift idea; I’m already lining up a list of recipients.

The card quality is good with a midweight feel that makes them a solid choice for everyday use, even a game or two of snap.

Photography Playing Cards (Standard)

What makes these cards really stand out is the quality of the information displayed along with the illustrations. They contain a good level of information in a small amount of space, and you can’t help but read that info while you’re waiting for your turn.

The Players Photographic Cards are, of course, more expensive than your average pack, but they spawn a talking point, and whatever level of photographer you might be, there’s always something for you to learn.


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