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PGYTech Handgrip Mount Review

Attach accessories to your Ronin-S

PGYTech Handgrip Mount Review

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Our Verdict

The PGYTech Handgrip Mount is simply a bracket that screws directly into the grip of the Ronin-S. Once in position you can add accessories such as the T2 tripod, Magic Arms that all help to add to the gimbals functionality, control and most importantly comfort.
The only small issue is the mount can restrict the vertical movement of the joystick for those with larger thumbs, but this is a small issue and easily worked around.
High-quality build and function make this a must have accessory for any Ronin-S user.


  • Easy to fit
  • Improves control and comfort
  • High quality build


  • Mount close to joystick vertical movement

What is the PGYTech Handgrip Mount

If you’ve ever used the DJI Ronin-S you’ll know how versatile it is, but after an hours use you’ll also be aware of how heavy it can get.

The PGYTech Handgrip Mount is a Ronin-S accessory that enables you to add and additional grip, lights and other accessories easily

Introduction to the PGYTech Handgrip Mount

While the DJI Ronin-S motorised gimbal is a phenomenal piece of kit, it only takes a short time before you realise a little extra support would be useful.

This is where PGYTech’s latest accessories come into play. An assortment of modular extras that can bolt and screw into the body of the stabiliser to add additional grips and accessories. 

PGYTech Handgrip Mount Review

The core product of this modular approach is the PGYTech Handgrip mount.


  • Product type: DJI Ronin-S accessory
  • Accessory points: 3 x 1/4-inch threads
  • Compatibility : Ronin-S/SC


The PGYTech Handgrip Mount is a metal bracket that bolts into the side of the DJI Ronin-S body. Essentially on the opposite side of the grip to the Focus Wheel. 

Once attached you can then bolt in other modular accessories such as the T2 Tripod handgrip and a Magic Arm or two. 

PGYTech Handgrip Mount Review

The mount features a 1/4-inch thread at the rear into which the T2 tripod screws in. Then there are a further two 1/4-inch threads on either side of designed for more accessories. 

In addition, there are two Cold shoes ready to take lighting or microphones. 

The entire construction, bar the grip on the securing bolt, is metal which makes it all feel incredibly robust.

Build and Handling

Its all metal build instantly gives the PGYTech Handgrip Mount a real feeling of quality, and after bolting it into the side of the Ronin-S grip, it all secures firmly. 

Once in place, it looks to be part of the Ronin-S rather than an addition with the shaping design to fit snuggly around the contours of the Ronin-S. 

The PGYTech Handgrip Mount is at the core of the modular system, and during the test, I also used the T2 Tripod and Mini arm; again both high quality with a predominately metal build and construction. 

Once the mount is in place, the handle and Magic arm can be fixed. 

With just the Mount and T2 Tripod, it instantly makes a huge difference to the comfort of the Ronin-S. It’s easy to grip with both hands, and that makes it far easier to Manoeuvre.

The only issue with the mount is access to the thumb joystick. While you are still able to operate the full movement, the position of the securing knob gets in the way of pushing the joystick directly up without a little thumb repositioning. 

PGYTech Handgrip Mount Review

In use, this isn’t too much of an issue, but you are aware of that restriction in movement. 


In use, the PGYTech Handgrip Mount, with the addition of the T2 Tripod, makes a real difference to the control of the Ronin-S. Having that extra grip takes off some of the pressure of the weight and enables you to swap positions, and hands while filming easily. 

The alternative grip position offered through the use of the mount is a major benefit and enables you to get those smooth low down shots that are easy to capture with the likes of the Crane. 

There’s no doubt that for the price this is one of the biggest enhancements that you can make to your Ronin-S set-up.


Since I started using a gimbal for much of my video work I’ve been amazed at the versatility, especially the additional fill-in shots that are now easy to capture. 

However, when you’re shooting all day, the kit does start to weigh you down. Having that extra grip is such a small thing but makes a massive difference to the comfort and use. 

PGYTech Handgrip Mount Review

Using both hands to do a panning shot, or move around your subject gives you more control. 

The addition of the Magic arm to attach your mobile phone (with the addition of the mobile phone adapter) lighting or another accessory makes the mount incredibly useful. 

I’ve been looking for something along these lines for the Ronin-S for a while, and it seems that the PGYTech Handgrip Mount is almost there, just add a touch more room for the verticle joystick movement and it would be perfect. 


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