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Peak Design Micro Clutch Review

Peak Design Micro Clutch

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Our Verdict

The Peak Design Micro Clutch offers a neat handgrip solution for mirrorless cameras. While the strap’s design may require adjustment to achieve absolute comfort, it delivers on its promise of providing a reliable hand strap.

Customising the fit and rotating the strap’s connection points enhances usability. However, battery access and compatibility with Arca Swiss tripod clamps and Peak Designs’ travel tripod, while possible, could have been more refined.

Despite these minor drawbacks, the Micro Clutch excels in its core functionality, offering a comfortable and secure grip for shooting on the go. Overall, it is a valuable addition to any mirrorless photographer’s toolkit, providing the necessary support and control for capturing memorable shots.


  • Secure camera grip
  • Mirrorless compatibility
  • Comfortable shooting experience


  • Limited hand coverage
  • Pricey compared to alternatives
  • Additional plate for Arca compatibility (Supplied in the box)

What is the Peak Design Micro Clutch?

The Peak Design Micro Clutch is a minimalist hand strap specifically designed to cater to the needs of mirrorless photographers. The Micro Clutch is the smaller sibling of the Peak Design Clutch, which I looked at earlier in the year and is designed for larger DSLRs.

The Micro Clutch is intended to combat the issue of the limited hand space available on mirrorless bodies. It gives you a little reassurance with a strap that securely holds your fingers against the body.

That reassurance minimises the risk of accidental drops, especially when shooting in challenging conditions or on the move. The lightweight, minimalistic construction makes it a perfect accessory for photographers who want to travel light.


  • Material: Recycled aluminium, hypalon, stainless steel
  • Strap Length: Adjustable
  • Compatibility: Mirrorless cameras
  • Weight: Lightweight design
  • Mounting: L-plate or I-Plate

Build and Handling

The Peak Design Micro Clutch hand strap is designed to focus on practicality and ease of use. Constructed with high-quality materials, it balances durability and lightweight design.

Attaching the Micro Clutch to the camera is a straightforward process. The strap is secured to the camera using an L-Plate base plate that attaches to the camera’s bottom and loops through a strap lug. Peak Design makes two versions of the Micro Clutch: the L-Plate, which I’m using with the Sony A7 III, and the I-Plate, which can be used with mirrorless bodies without a grip.

While the initial attachment may require effort, the Micro Clutch provides a secure connection between the camera and the strap once properly installed.

Peak Design Micro Clutch

The stitchless hypalon hand pad offers a soft and ergonomic grip, while the rotating pivot points allow a customised fit. The aluminium base plate adds strength and stability to the camera setup without adding excessive weight.

It’s worth noting that the Micro Clutch lacks direct access to the camera’s battery port. To change batteries, you’ll need to loosen the base plate with the hidden adjustment tool, rotate it to the side, and then you can gain access.


While the overall construction feels sturdy and durable, some aspects could be improved. Attaching the hand strap to the camera can be fiddly, especially when securing the L-plate. It requires careful alignment and tightening to ensure a secure fit. The hidden tool is a clever innovation, although it is in it’s own right also a little fiddly.

One limitation of the Micro Clutch is the lack of direct access to the battery port. To change the battery, you need to loosen and rotate the base plate, which can be time-consuming. It would have been more convenient to have a design that allowed easy access to the battery compartment without additional steps.

Another aspect that could be improved is the compatibility with Arca Swiss tripods. While the Micro Clutch offers an Arca Swiss plate that attaches to the bottom of the I or L-Plate, this adds to the complexity and fiddliness required before tripod mounting. Having direct compatibility with Arca Swiss systems would have been more convenient.

Peak Design Micro Clutch

The Micro Clutch performs decently in terms of comfort, but there is room for improvement. When used with the Sony A7 III, it doesn’t provide the most comfortable grip if you follow the recommended two-finger setup, at least on the A7 III. However, wearing it slightly looser and adjusting it does provide a considerably better fit.

In use and once tuned to your liking, the Micro Clutch does come into its own. Despite the small issues, the benefit of that secure strap around your fingers gives a sense of reassurance. The design also offers comfort and ease of use; essentially, it provides everything on the usability side, at least once fixed in place.

Final thoughts

The Peak Design Micro Clutch hand strap caters to mirrorless photographers who want a secure and comfortable camera grip and has plenty of potential.

Its adjustable strap and rotating pivot points allow for a customised fit, ensuring optimal comfort during shooting sessions. The strap’s stitchless hypalon hand pad enhances comfort and provides a soft, ergonomic grip.

One of the biggest issues with the Micro Clutch is that access to the battery; you need to loosen the bolt and rotate the plate, which is a bit of a faff. Otherwise, for comfort in use, it hits the mark.

Peak Design Micro Clutch

If you’re a photographer who frequently shoots in dynamic environments and requires a secure grip on your mirrorless camera, you’ll definitely benefit from the Micro Clutch’s added sense of security. Most other mirrorless camera users will also benefit, but there is that faff of having to rotate the plate every time you need to change battery.

Overall, the Peak Design Micro Clutch hand strap is a worthwhile investment for mirrorless photographers who value comfort, security, and convenience. Click here to discover more at the Kick Starter for the Peak Design Micro Clutch