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OWC Atlas Ultra CFexpress 2TB Review

Elevate Your Workflow: Unparalleled Speed and Reliability with OWC Atlas Ultra CFexpress 2TB Card

OWC Atlas Ultra CFexpress 2TB

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Our Verdict

Since updating the firmware on the OWC Atlas Ultra CFexpress 2TB card, I’ve found that it has genuinely raised the bar for high-performance storage. I had already commented on the speed, compatibility, and robust durability of the smaller 165GB version. Still, now, thanks to the OWC Innergize software, the card’s speed metrics are in a league of their own.

These enhanced data transfer rates have effortlessly met my high-end videography and photography needs, even comfortably supporting 8K video recording on my Canon R5 C. In both optimal and challenging conditions, this card has allowed me to focus solely on my creative work without the constant worry of storage limitations.

If you, like me, consider speed and reliability to be non-negotiable, this updated CFexpress card, when coupled with Innergize software, transitions from being a strong contender to an outright leader in the storage arena.


  • High-speed performance
  • Exclusive Innergize software
  • Robust environmental resistance


  • Difficulty in seeing any issues

What is the OWC Atlas Ultra CFexpress card?

The OWC Atlas Ultra CFexpress 2TB card is engineered for high-performance tasks, catering specifically to professionals and advanced enthusiasts in the fields of high-resolution photography and 8K video recording. This card boasts read and write speeds of up to 3,650MB/s and 3,000MB/s, respectively. These speeds are not just for show; a minimum sustained write speed of 1,500MB/s ensures that the card can handle even the most demanding workflows, such as capturing 8K RAW video.

One key feature that sets this card apart from others on the market is its compatibility with the OWC Innergize app. This software allows users to manage the card’s performance and health effectively. The latest firmware update has even elevated the card’s performance to new heights.

Designed to withstand challenging conditions, the Atlas Ultra CFexpress card is resistant to a range of environmental factors, including shocks, impacts, and extreme temperatures. For a closer look at the card’s robustness, you can refer to my review of the 165GB version that I tested earlier this year. This 2TB version proves to be equally resilient, making it a reliable choice for those shooting in less-than-ideal conditions.

OWC Atlas Ultra CFexpress 2TB


  • Type: CFexpress Type B Card
  • Storage Capacities: 2TB
  • Read Speed: Up to 3650MB/s
  • Write Speed: Up to 3000MB/s
  • Software Compatibility: OWC Innergize™ App for performance, health, and upgrade management
  • Build: Resistant to UV rays, shocks, drops, and extreme temperatures
  • Warranty: 2 years from OWC

Build and Handling

As I mentioned when I reviewed the previous OWC CFexpress card, I’ve been highly impressed by its build quality. CFexpress cards are substantially more robust than the standard SD card format. As you’d expect, this card adheres to the CFexpress Type B standard, ensuring it slots effortlessly into my cameras and card readers.

The OWC Atlas Ultra CFexpress 2TB card is engineered to withstand shocks, drops, and even extreme weather conditions. In my last test of an OWC card, it excelled in a range of challenging scenarios. Though testing such an expensive 2TB card may seem risky, it’s important to put these products through their paces when given the opportunity—and access to a review sample.

While I’ll delve deeper into the build quality in the performance section, I must emphasise that the Innergize software is what truly sets this card apart. This isn’t just a standard software add-on; it’s a robust tool for maintaining card health. The peace of mind gained from knowing I can monitor my card’s health—and potentially benefit from future software updates—is invaluable. Moreover, in the case of this 2TB card, the latest firmware update has led to a significant boost in performance.

OWC Atlas Ultra CFexpress 2TB


The OWC Atlas Ultra CFexpress 2TB card is far from your average memory card. With a generous 2TB storage capacity, it’s well-equipped to handle high-resolution photos and videos. It’s worth noting that 2TB makes a significant difference when you’re shooting in 8K and is an optimum capacity for most video jobs.

Where this card truly excels is in its performance specs. It boasts read speeds of up to 3,650MB/s and write speeds of up to 3,000MB/s. These high-speed data transfer rates make it a reliable choice for capturing and transferring 8K, 4K, and Full HD footage, as well as high-resolution photographs. If you check out the review of the OWC CFexpress 165GB card, you’ll see just how much of a performance boost the Innergize software has provided.

Designed to withstand shocks, drops, UV rays, and extreme temperatures, this card is more than ready for the rigours of professional use. It’s the kind of card you can toss into your kit bag and take on any outdoor shoot or adventurous journey without a second thought.

OWC Atlas Ultra CFexpress 2TB

This is a card that’s not only fast and spacious but also rugged and intelligent. It ticks nearly all the boxes for what you’d want in a high-performance, durable storage solution. It’s the only CFexpress card I’ve used that enables you to update the firmware as well as manage and check the card’s performance over years of use.


The OWC Atlas Ultra CFexpress 2TB card not only meets its lofty promises but exceeds them. My initial tests yielded impressive read and write speeds of 1,625MB/s and 1,295MB/s, respectively. These figures are commendable and more than sufficient for the Canon R5, especially when recording FHD, 4K, and 8K videos with the Canon R5 C.

One of the card’s standout features is the OWC Innergize software. Using this software to update the firmware took the speeds to an eye-watering 2,543.2MB/s write and 2,611.3MB/s read on my MacBook Pro M1. These results far outstrip the speeds of any other CFexpress card I’ve evaluated.

Having tested this card almost daily for a couple of months, it consistently maintained a health of 100%. The performance within the camera itself was unerring.

OWC Atlas Ultra CFexpress 2TB

I rounded off the real-world testing by subjecting the card to sustained read and write operations in the Blackmagic Disk Speed Test. The first thing to note here is that the card’s speeds remained high, showing little variation in overall performance.

Another test I was keen to revisit was the 24-hour freezer marathon, followed by a full day of defrosting and direct exposure to sunlight. Given the UK weather, the sunlight exposure wasn’t much of a test, but it’s worth mentioning. After a previous experience breaking another CFexpress card, I chose to place this expensive 2TB card in a sealed freezer bag. The result? The card still works flawlessly.

Final thoughts

The OWC Atlas Ultra CFexpress 2TB card is a formidable memory solution that excels in both speed and reliability, effortlessly catering to both high-end videography and photography needs. Its read and write speeds, which can soar up to a staggering 2,543.3MB/s and 2,611.3MB/s after the firmware update via the Innergize software, set it apart from other cards on the market. This makes it more than capable of handling the demands of advanced cameras like the Canon R5 C, whether you’re shooting in FHD, 4K, or 8K.

These speeds might not reflect those top speeds quoted by OWC, but in truth, that’s all down to the speed of the testing equipment as, once again, the technology takes a forward leap that is hard to keep pace with.

The Innergize software remains a standout feature, offering unprecedented health monitoring and firmware upgrade capabilities. This unique combination of speed, durability, and software support makes the OWC Atlas Ultra CFexpress 2TB card an excellent choice for professionals and advanced enthusiasts alike.

OWC Atlas Ultra CFexpress 2TB

Though you’ll need to invest in a compatible reader to unlock its full potential, this added cost is well justified when you consider the card’s exceptional performance, longevity, and software-supported health monitoring.

The OWC Atlas Ultra CFexpress 2TB card not only lives up to its promises but goes above and beyond, offering a high-performing, reliable, and future-proof memory solution for both professional and amateur photographers.