Reviews |OWC Atlas Dual CFexpress + SD Card Reader Review

OWC Atlas Dual CFexpress + SD Card Reader Review

OWC Atlas Dual CFexpress + SD Card Reader

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Our Verdict

The OWC Atlas Dual CFexpress + SD Card Reader is more than just a reader. It’s an indispensable tool that offers you peace of mind. The standout feature is its compatibility with OWC’s storage media, such as their Atlas CFExpress and SD cards that I’ve used in this test, enabling the Innergize software.

Essentially with the OWC reader, cards and software, you have more than simple data transfer – What the Innergize software does is to monitor your card’s health, ensuring optimal performance and prolonging the lifespan.

While the reader functions seamlessly with cards from other manufacturers, it’s with OWC’s own Atlas cards and the software that you can really reap the benefits.

The OWC Atlas Dual CFexpress + SD Card Reader is a perfect blend of performance, reliability, and forward-thinking tech, making it a smart choice for all.


  • Robust Dual Reader
  • Advanced Innergize Technology


  • Software Compatibility limited to OWC cards

What is OWC Atlas Dual CFexpress + SD Card Reader?

The OWC Atlas Dual CFexpress + SD Card Reader is an innovative bit of kit designed for the demanding needs of photographers and videographers.

This reader can read CFexpress and SDXC cards, offering dual functionality and the ability to transfer files from both mediums simultaneously.

The design is simple yet stylish, and the overall build quality is robust, with an integrated cable neatly tucked under the base of the device, all reinforcing the feeling of reliability and longevity in the field. But where the OWC Atlas really stands out in its use of the Innergize software. This application monitors the health of your storage cards and can restore them to their prime condition and update their firmware for maximum compatibility and performance.

OWC Atlas Dual CFexpress + SD Card Reader

It’s worth noting, however, that these unique features are only available with OWC’s own CFexpress and SDXC cards.


  • Card Type: Dual (CFexpress and SDXC)
  • Interface: USB-C
  • Cable: Integrated USB-C
  • Safety: Write-protection switch
  • Software: Innergize compatibility
  • OS Compatibility: Mac, Windows, Linux, Chromebook
  • Dimensions: 80mm x 80mm x 22mm
  • Weight: 146g
  • Max Transfer Speed: 1032MB/s

Build and Handling

Built to withstand the hustle and bustle of a camera bag pocket, the OWC Atlas Dual CFexpress + SD Card Reader will be a resilient companion to your photography gear. Sharing space with memory card cases, filter holders, and other small equipment, its robust construction and high-quality materials confidently stand up to regular use away from the studio or home.

One standout feature is the integrated USB Type-C cable, neatly tucked underneath the device when not used. This prevents any tangles and keeps the unit streamlined. OWC has thoughtfully designed a recess in the unit, making it easy to lever out the cable with just a finger.

Then there are the two card slots, one for CFExpress Type-B and the other for SDXC. The slots are simple, push fit, without a spring or satisfying click mechanism.

OWC Atlas Dual CFexpress + SD Card Reader

On the back is another small yet handy feature: the write protect switch. You need a fingernail to get in and switch it, but nevertheless, it’s a handy feature to have, especially if someone else is downloading and sorting your images; it just gives you a little more peace of mind.


Feature-wise, the OWC Atlas Dual CFexpress + SD Card Reader stands out as far as it has slightly more features than most simple card readers. Usually, card readers are, after all, simply designed to transfer files from card to machine as fast as they possibly can. When it comes to features, firstly, there’s the dual card reading capability, with slots for CFexpress and SDXC cards. This allows for simultaneous data transfer from two cards which is handy if you have a dual-card format camera such as the Canon R5.

The connection between the reader and computer is made through USB Type-C, and while it doesn’t quite meet that format’s maximum of 2,500MB/s, it does offer an impressive 1032MB/s. This rapid data transfer rate essentially means you can transfer your images far more quickly than most other connection types and clear the work more quickly, theoretically, of course.

A significant USP is the exclusive Innergize software. While it’s only compatible with OWC’s cards, it’s an innovative tool that effectively maintains memory card health. It monitors, sanitises, and restores the performance of your cards, ensuring they always deliver top-notch performance. Overall, the Atlas Dual reader provides exceptional speed, versatility, and care for your memory cards, raising the bar for data management tools.

OWC Innergize


The OWC Atlas Dual CFexpress + SD Card Reader delivered an impressive performance during my test period. Utilising the Blackmagic Disk Speed Test software, the reader proved its highly effective with the OWC Atlas Ultra CFExpress 165GB card, hitting a read speed of 829MB/s and a write speed of 814MB/s. The reader also performed well with the OWC Atlas Ultra SDHC UHS-II V90 128GB card, demonstrating a read speed of 238MB/s and a write speed of 213MB/s. While these speeds don’t maximise the transfer speeds offered by the cards, they’re also not slow by any means.

The Innergize software integration sets this card reader apart. The software’s health monitoring feature, while exclusive to OWC cards, provided reassurance about the health and performance of the cards. However, it’s worth mentioning that the real benefits of this feature will likely only become apparent over a longer period.

Over the four weeks of testing, there was little to no drop in the health or performance of the cards. I plan to revisit this in a few months to evaluate the long-term effectiveness of the Innergize software and the card reader’s role in maintaining card health. But as it stands, the OWC Atlas Dual CFexpress + SD Card Reader, coupled with the Innergize software, forms an attractive package for photographers and videographers looking for speed, versatility, and durability.

OWC Atlas Dual CFexpress + SD Card Reader

Final thoughts

The OWC Atlas Dual CFexpress + SD Card Reader redefines the function of a card reader by offering a comprehensive solution not just to transfer data but also to monitor and maintain the health of memory cards over time. For photographers and videographers who rely on the stability and quality of their cards, this combination of hardware and software is most definitely welcome. I’ll keep you up to date with any developments on the long-term function of the card reader, cards and software.

Despite its robust construction, this reader maintains user-friendly design elements, including an integrated USB-C cable and that write protection switch at the back.

It’s important to note that the full advantage of this card reader, particularly it’s potential for card health maintenance, will reveal itself over time. Nonetheless, the promising initial results and innovative features make the OWC Atlas Dual CFexpress + SD Card Reader a worthwhile investment for those prioritising efficiency and card health.

OWC Atlas Dual CFexpress + SD Card Reader