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OBSBOT Tiny 2 Review


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Our Verdict

The diminutive OBSBOT is something a little different, and once you start using it for your everyday meetings, it’s hard to go back to anything else. At its core, it’s a webcam, and I feel a bit guilty for reducing it to just that because it’s so much more. This device offers the visual quality of a GoPro, the intelligent movement of a gimbal, and curiously, it seems to possess a personality of its own.

Setup is straightforward: plug it in, hook it over your monitor, or place it on a desk or tripod, and you’re good to go. But then, delve into the options through the software and select “track,” and this petite camera starts following you around the room, eliminating the need to stay rooted to your chair.

Where this compact camera genuinely shines is in live-streaming lessons, lectures, workshops, and for those who wish to move freely during meetings. The OBSBOT is an absolute revelation as you start to use it. Once you recognise its potential, you’ll yearn for more, which is where the new OBSBOT Tail comes into play—but that’s another review.


  • Intelligent AI Tracking
  • Exceptional 4K Quality
  • Versatile Mounting Options


  • Premium Price Tag
  • Limited Low-Light Performance
  • Software Learning Curve

What is the OBSBOT Tiny 2

This compact camera takes the basic webcam concept, plugs into your computer, and sits atop it, enabling people to see you during calls. But the OBSBOT Tiny 2 also takes that webcam design to a whole new, next-generation level.

The first thing you’ll notice about the OBSBOT Tiny 2 is its small base and optional monitor stand, which together allow you to affix it to a monitor in a traditional webcam style. Alternatively, you can simply leave it on the desk or mount it onto a tripod.

Once the connection and mounting are sorted, the camera starts to come alive. Through the software, voice control, or hand gestures, you can activate tracking, and suddenly, all your movements are seamlessly followed by the camera.


Because this device houses a far larger sensor than most other webcams, the quality of the footage is a cut above that of built-in webcams. However, that’s not what this tiny camera is designed for.

Ultimately, the level of quality is more than sufficient for streaming presentations and events. Suppose you want to live stream a photography workshop. In that case, fire up the OBSBOT Tiny 2, and this compact device will track your movements around the room, adding a far more professional look and feel to the live stream.

Not only does the OBSBOT Tiny 2 add dynamic motion to your videos, but with an array of AI and visual effects, you can blur out backgrounds, enhance colours, and even beautify your appearance with AI technology.


  • Sensor: Ultra-Large 1/1.5” CMOS sensor
  • Motion control: AI Tracking with Auto Zoom
  • Focus: 4x Faster Focusing using All-Pixel Auto Focus technology
  • HDR: PixGain HDR for motion blur-free imaging
  • Advanced motion control: Voice Control for hands-free operation, Dynamic Gesture Control for touch-free commands

Build and Handling

OK, the OBSBOT Tiny 2 is like no webcam you’ve seen before or are likely to see again. The build quality isn’t just good; it’s as high-quality as you can possibly imagine. Arriving in a small semi-hard case instantly sets the tone for what’s inside, which is essentially the small camera, a monitor stand, and a long USB Type-C cable.

Setup is quick with the camera plugging directly into your computer by means of that cable, and then an invisible magnet attaches the camera base to the stand that hooks over the monitor. Really, that’s it. Once connected, the OBSBOT Tiny 2 lets you know it’s primed and ready with a light that illuminates at the front.

If you want, you can get started with using the camera as your webcam instantly; just select it from your camera sources in whichever video meeting software you’re using, and off you go. Obviously, there’s a lot more to the OBSBOT Tiny 2, but this should give you an idea of the simplicity.


Once set up, you can download, install, and boot the software, and this is where the Tiny 2 comes into its own. The software enables access to a range of features that allow you to adjust all of the visual aesthetics of the image captured and the ability to activate the tracking feature.

Once the tracking is switched on, the camera tracks and follows you around the room. So, if you’re running an online workshop, then the Tiny 2 gives you the flexibility to move from one location to another without needing to shift the laptop around with you; it just tracks. What’s more, to add to the ease of use, the camera has been designed to be both voice and hand gesture controlled, which means that you can switch it off, start and stop tracking, all with a voice command or hand gesture. It’s very clever.


The OBSBOT Tiny 2 is not your typical webcam; it’s a technological marvel packed with cutting-edge features. Its core strength lies in AI tracking that leverages a deep neural learning network algorithm. This enables the camera not only to track your movements but also to adjust its zoom settings dynamically as it does so. Coupled with this is its ultra-clear 4K video capability, thanks to a 1/1.5″ CMOS sensor and OBSBOT’s proprietary camera calibration technology. The result? Sharper details, a higher dynamic range, and more natural colours in your video feed.

Speed is another highlight. The Tiny 2 boasts a 4x faster focus using All-Pixel Auto Focus technology, making sure you’re in sharp focus, even in less-than-ideal lighting. The PixGain HDR feature utilises Dual Native ISO to capture two separate images at different ISO settings, which are then melded together to produce a crisp, motion-blur-free final image.

If you’re someone who likes to move around during your video calls or presentations, you’ll love the voice and gesture controls. These features give you the freedom to operate the camera without laying a finger on it. A simple voice command or hand gesture is all it takes to activate tracking, zoom in, or even shut the device down.


But the innovation doesn’t stop there. For those times when you want to look your best without the fuss, the Tiny 2 offers a Beauty Mode. With just a tap, your skin appears smoother and your eyes brighter. And for those concerned about privacy, the camera provides an upgraded Privacy Mode. You can pre-set a video or image using the OBSBOT Webcam App, tilt the camera down, and your privacy is secured while your message still gets across to your audience.


It’s like having a mini filmmaker on your work surface or monitor, observing you while you work. When you activate tracking, the Tiny 2 diligently follows your every move around the room. You have ample control options: voice commands, hand gestures, or a nifty remote.

Setting up and initially getting used to the added features takes a bit of time, although it’s ready to go in less than a minute. This is one of those devices that instantly makes an impact and then offers you more with screens and options to refine the visuals you’re displaying.
I quickly discovered the background blur feature, which worked exceptionally well, intelligently defocusing the background without reducing it to an overblurred mess.

The exposure adjustment options are easy to understand and tweak, as are the tracking settings. I tested the camera in two different scenarios: first as a standard webcam with tracking, and secondly, as a camera for workshops.


As a webcam, people initially noticed the camera’s slight movement. I usually switched off the tracking but found it useful when I had to show something off-camera. In such situations, I would turn the tracking back on. This feature, along with focus and exposure controls, elevates the Tiny 2 well above the MacBook Pro M1 in terms of quality.

In a workshop setting, the Tiny 2 truly shines. In my studio, the camera tracked my progress as I set up backdrops and lighting, with all audio transmitted via a wireless mic. The ability to lock and restart tracking using hand gestures proved incredibly useful, enabling me to deliver photography and video tuition in a way that would otherwise be impossible.

I’m very impressed. Now that I’ve seen its capabilities, I’m keen to expand with the Tail Air.

Final thoughts

When I first unpacked the OBSBOT Tiny 2, my initial impression was that it was a rather nice and somewhat weighty webcam. Even after setting it up and installing the software, it retained that webcam feel—and essentially, it is a webcam. However, it’s also so much more. Sure, it does everything you’d expect from a standard webcam, like capturing a live video stream of you for meetings, but it takes that foundational concept and elevates it.

For those who run classes, workshops, or any activity where remaining stationary while streaming isn’t ideal, the Tiny 2 proves its worth. Mounted on a gimbal, this compact camera uses AI tracking to follow you effortlessly around the room. The quality of the video feed is excellent, reminiscent of a GoPro set to a narrow field of view, yet far simpler to set up and operate.

The camera’s small footprint and versatility mean you can place it on a desktop, clip it to a monitor, or situate it elsewhere. Regardless of its location, the Tiny 2 is always ready to broadcast your work to a wider audience.

OBSBOT Tiny 2While the Tiny 2 isn’t cheap, the cutting-edge technology and superb quality it offers make it a worthwhile investment for your streaming needs. If you’re in the business of running workshops or online courses, it’s an excellent place to start before considering more advanced multicam setups.