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Our Verdict

The NiSi V7 Filter Holder has some stiff competition; Benro, H&Y and of course, Lee filters. The fact is that all these companies produce filters systems that have unique features and appeal that make them hard to separate.

However, NiSi’s offering does stand out, with a focus on quality and usability. The construction sees a careful mix of metal for the adapter and main body and tough plastic for the actual filter holder. This mix of high-quality materials gives the reassurance that the NiSi V7 Holder will last for years.

Along with the standard triple stack, 100mm filter use, the inclusion of the slimline True colour CPL, with all-new bayonet fit, make the holder and filter combo incredibly easy to use, adjust and remove if needed.

The Nisi V7 is one of the most solid filter holder offerings out there, and as I’ve discovered, the quality of their filter glass is also just about as good as it gets. But as ever, this build and optical performance quality do come at a price.


  • High-quality build
  • Robust
  • Innovative CPL design


  • Expensive

What is the Nisi V7 Filter Holder?

Designed for 100mm filters, the NiSi V7 Filter Holder is a high-quality offering that stands out in a crowded market.

NiSi has made sure that the V7 is a solid offering, and it arrives in a high-quality fabric case, with the holder, built-in but removable CPL and an 82mm lens adapter ring. There are also three step down rings for 67, 72 and 77mm lens diameters along with a protective lens cap that’s designed to fit over the adapter when attached to the lens without the holder.

If you’re unsure if this filter kit will fit your lens, then you can check your lens diameter by looking at the front of the lens; you should see the lens diameter clearly marked with a number next to a circle with a line through it.

NiSi V7 filter holder review

If you don’t see it on the front of your lens, then check the lens cap; it’s usually written on the back.

The kit comes with the CPL, but the 100mm filters need to be brought in addition. NiSi makes a good range of excellent glass filters, but the sizing is standard, and you can fit other manufacturers’ filters into the system if you want.


NiSi V7 Performance

Starting out with the NiSi V7 filter holder is quick and easy with the system consisting of three main parts, the front holder, CPL filter insert and adapter.

Fitting the system to a Sony 24-70mm f/2.8 as I have in this review is straightforward as the adapter attaches directly with the 82mm thread, for smaller diameter lenses a step-down ring is required. NiSi has supplied three a 67, 72 and 77mm but if you want to go smaller then there are plenty of third-party stepdown rings available.

82mm is the maximum diameter for this filter holder as standard, but NiSi also offer an 86 and 95mm adapter.

NiSi V7 filter holder review

If you are using step-down rings then it’s worth noting that you should only lightly tighten the rings and adapter and be careful not to over tighten as they can be difficult to remove if you do.

With the adapter in place, you can then attach the CPL. Here all you need to do is align the markings, hold down the CPL rotation wheels on the side of the adapter to stop things from spinning, and rotate the CPL into place. If you want to remove the CPL, hold the filter rotation wheels and rotate in the opposite direction to remove. I found it was easier to release the CPL once the adapter ring has been removed from the lens.

Now the holder slots in place; on the side there’s a small locking mechanism, if this is undone then the peg pulled the small brass disc is pulled back so the holder can be connected to the adapter. In place, the locking mechanism can be tightened to fix the holder in place.

When it comes to adjusting the effect of the CPL, the two small wheels on the side of the lens adapter can be used to rotate the filter.

In this test, I found that the effect of the filter was subtle but effective. The TrueColor effect of the filter was certainly true and I am impressed with the lack of colour cast and influence in the images.

When it comes to slotting in filters the plastic holder offers a good amount of resistance as you slide the filters in. There’s no worry that a filter will drop through, likewise, the amount of resistance is good meaning that insertion and removal isn’t a battle.

Final Thoughts

There’s no doubt that the build quality of the Nisi V7 is excellent, and there’s a real advancement of the design over the V6. For instance, the threadless bayonet for the CPL is far less fiddly.

The build quality of the main holder is also excellent, really nicely finished, and everything has a premium feel to it. If you’re looking to invest in a filter system, then you can be assured that the NiSi V7 has been built and designed to last.

One of the big features of the new filter holder is the updated CPL; this is now true colour which means that there is little to no tonal change when it’s in use. The previous version gave images a slightly warm hue, but even that was subtle, all this means a little less colour correction in post.

NiSi V7 filter holder review

In use, the CPL works well, and the effect on tone is minimal if anything at all. The colours remain natural, so it appears the true colour CPL really does work.

Checking out a few test images and it’s possible to really see the effect on the reflections in the water and the detail being highlighted in the clouds. I feel that’s a successful result from the NiSi True Colour CPL.

Of course, this is a 100mm filter system, so there are three slots for filters on the front. The fit here is nice and snug, meaning that there’s no likelihood hood that a filter will drop through, but at the same time, it doesn’t hold them so tight they’re impossible to remove.

Overall I have to say I’m really impressed by the updates in design.



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