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Nisi Swift Black Mist Kit

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Our Verdict

The NiSi SWIFT VND MIST Kit is an innovative solution for photographers and filmmakers, offering a unique press-on-fit system that blends the convenience of magnetic mounts with the security of screw-in filters.

As I’ve seen before from NiSi, the optical quality of the filters is exceptional, and a precise build makes it a great investment. However, there are a couple of things to note about the system when used with wider-angled lenses.

There is a slight vignetting issue below 35mm with some combinations of stacked filters. However, this is a common issue as the depth of screw-in filters increases. In most real-world situations, it’s unlikely that you would be stacking the VND, ND16 and Black Mist together, so it isn’t an issue. But because you can, it’s worth a note.

In use, the push-fit approach takes some getting used to but proves effective and a halfway house between full filter systems and magnetic.


  • Innovative Coupling System
  • Exceptional Optical Quality
  • Versatile Creative Control


  • Vignetting Below 35mm
  • Initial Learning Curve
  • Limited CPL Inclusion

What is NiSi SWIFT VND MIST Kit?

The NiSi SWIFT VND MIST Kit is designed for filmmakers and photographers seeking both creative control and the ability to add a distinctive style to images in camera.

The system utilises a unique press-on fit system that enables you to quickly stack several filters, including True Color Variable ND Filter 1-5 Stops, Black Mist ¼, ND16 4 stops, and more, although as is common at the price of the influence of vignette at wide angles.

This mix-and-match approach enables up to 7 combinations, enabling you to tailor the creative controls and effects to your needs. The system includes a base True Colour 1-5 stop variable ND filter that screws onto the lens, with additional filters like ND16 4 stop and Black Mist simply pressing on top.

If you don’t want the VND, then there’s an adapter in the box which can be fitted, and the ND16 and Black Mist filters can be pushed in directly.


  • System Type: Screw in adapter with Press-on Coupling
  • Materials: Lightweight Aluminium, Black Anodisation
  • Included Filters: True Color Variable ND Filter 1-5 Stops, ND16 4 stops, Black Mist ¼
  • Additional Filters (Optional): Black Mist ⅛, True Color CPL, UV IR Cut
  • Assembling Combinations: Up to 15
  • Kits Available: SWIFT VND Kit, SWIFT Add On Kit, SWIFT VND MIST Kit
  • Accessories: Adapter Ring for SWIFT, Protection Cap, Hard Caddy Case
  • Compatibility: Various Lens Sizes (with appropriate adapters)

Build and Handling

The NiSi SWIFT VND MIST Kit is exceptionally well-made, with robust construction from lightweight aluminium and features a distinctive black anodisation and silver ring. 

The innovative press-on fit system utilises that high precision design to ensure a smooth yet tight fit that makes attachment and removal easy. Though initially daunting, the push-fit mechanism operates smoothly and securely once you get the hang of it. The general layout of features, including the ability to quickly switch between filters, is well-designed and offers convenience and creative control without the faff of screw-in systems. 

There’s also the ability to stack the filters with up to 7 combinations for this kit and add further filter types, such as a circular PL when needed. 



The NiSi SWIFT VND MIST Kit’s standout feature is undoubtedly its innovative press-on-fit system. This unique design enables quick assembly of several filters, including True Color Variable ND Filter 1-5 Stops, Black Mist ¼, ND16 4 stops, and more. Combining these filters offers up to 7 assembling combinations.

Build wise, the filters are made from lightweight aluminium and finished with silver and black anodising, which gives them a distinctive style. Just as a note, the silver anodising is just on the exterior of the filter ring and not the interior. 

In this review, I’m looking at the NiSi SWIFT VND MIST Kit, but there is also the VND Kit for variable ND and the option to buy all filters individually. When you buy them in a kit, they arrive in a very nice semi-hard case, which includes a lens cap.


The NiSi SWIFT VND MIST Kit performs exceptionally well through the test used for both stills photography and filmmaking. The press-on fit system worked well in practice, especially once you get familiar with it and trust the quality and durability of the filters and fit. It essentially allows for quick swaps between filters with a fit that makes it perfectly suitable for the more mobile nature of filmmaking, where the convenience of magnetic filters can be an issue.

I did find that the push-fit style was a little odd to use at first, although, after a short time, you do get to trust the quality and ease of use. With the filters mounted on the lens, fitting and removal is easy, although it is still a two-handed job to ensure a snug fit.

NiSi Swift ND4 only

NiSi Swift VND and ND 4 stacked at 24mm

When it comes to optical quality, the True Color technology of the VND ensures natural tones and bright colours without unwanted casts; this is a big selling point of the NiSi filters. Considering the cost of the filters, this would sit them in the mid-range. However, this VND comfortably equals the likes of the LEE Elements range. In this test, I used the VND on the Sony 16-35mm, and the optical quality shone through with no vignette at any of the focal lengths.

If you add the ND16 on top again, the colour quality is an excellent landscape option. Again used on the 16-35mm, the quality was superb, but as NiSi highlights, Vignette will appear at the wider end, and around 18-20mm is the point where it disappears.

NiSi Swift All filters stacked at 24mm

The Black Mist filter is a must-have filter at the moment and adds a beautiful diffusion effect, though with all three filters stacked, there is vignetting below 35mm. The influence of the vignette is slightly more than I had anticipated, but remove the ND16, and you can widen that field of view.

NiSi Swift Black Mist Only

Final thoughts

The NiSi SWIFT VND MIST Kit is more than just a set of filters; it’s a system that brings something genuinely new to the table. The innovative press-on-fit system works well, making it quick and secure. Combining filters for up to 7 assembling combinations enables plenty of options for a set that takes up a relatively small amount of space in the kit bag.

What marks this system out is the exceptional optical quality, with the True Color technology keeping the tone and colour natural and the Black Mist filter adding an in-fashion style to your photography and videography. While there’s a slight learning curve and some vignetting issues, these are minor compared to the overall benefits.

For me, the NiSi SWIFT VND MIST Kit stands out as an all-in-one comprehensive kit that will provide photographers and videographers with a sound foundation for almost any shooting scenario.

You have the VND, ND and Black Mist filters and the option to add a CPL and 1/8 Black Mist to the set. For the price, you get market-leading optical quality at the cost of a single filter against some of the competition.