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NiSi NLP-S L-Bracket Review

NiSi NLP-S L-Bracket

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Our Verdict

Despite the seeming simplicity of an L-bracket, the design and features of these camera accessories have developed rapidly with the introduction of mirrorless cameras. The NiSi NLP range of L-Brackets features a standard Arca Swiss compatible quick release plate along both the horizontal and vertical, with four different size options; there should be a model that will fit your camera DSLR or Mirrorless.
The design is simple, baseplate along the bottom and up one side of the camera. The lightweight aluminium base bolts directly to the camera’s base. Once in place, the fit is snug, but due to some spacing between the side of the camera and the bracket, there’s still the ability to open the accessory doors when you need.
Overall the build quality is excellent, and with the addition of three 1/4-inch threads on the vertical, there are plenty of mounting options. There is very little to fault with the NiSi NLP-S for the price.


  • Compact
  • Slight tweaks to design to alter the fit
  • Lightweight


  • Accessory port doors are difficult to access

What is the NiSi NLP-S?

The NiSi NLP-S is an aluminium L-Bracket available in four sizes, the NLP-C for larger DSLR and early Mirrorless, NLP-S for Sony and some Nikon Z, NLP-C(G) for Canon DSLR and a Fuji and the NLP-S(G). For a full compatibility list for Canon R and newer Sony’s, it’s best to check out the NiSi website here.

Unlike L-brackets in the past, where each was generally designed for a specific body, and the fit was 100% perfect, these days, we’re a little more forgiving as photographers. The design of the NLP-S might be universal, fitting several cameras, rather than just one, but the fit is surprisingly precise on the Sony A7 III.

The bracket attaches to the base of the camera using the 1/4-inch thread. The bracket features an Arca-Swiss style quick release design along both the horizontal and vertical, so there’s no need to install any other type of quick release plate. Of course, you need a tripod with an Arca-Swiss-style clamp system.

NiSi NLP-S L-Bracket

If for some reason you do feel the need to bolt something else to the base of the L-bracket without first removing it, NiSi has featured an additional 1/4-inch thread slightly offset, which is a nice feature.

Another nice feature is the inclusion of a small Allen key that’s securely held in place under the base plate section by a magnet. This can be removed to tighten or loosen the screw that bolts to the camera’s base, so no need to carry a coin around with you.

Between the L-bracket’s metal and your camera’s base is a thin strip of rubber. This is enough to ensure that the camera stays securely in position.

While the fit of the bracket out of the box is good, there is some room for adjustment. At the base of the brack are two screws that can be loosened so that the vertical part of the bracket can be adjusted slightly sideways. Doing this enables better access to the accessory ports on the side for some camera models.

As with almost all L-Brackets, the vertical doesn’t sit flush against the camera side; while this initially seems a little annoying, the reason is practical. Firstly the small accessory port doors need room to be opened and moved clear of the ports, and secondly, the strap lug sits at the top left of the bracket. The lug acts as a good spacer and guide when positioning the bracket.



In position, the Nisi NLP-S clamps securely to the camera’s base with the large rubber pad, preventing movement. The space given to the accessory doors is just enough to enable them to be opened and closed without too much effort.

By design, or good luck, the strap lug position is in exactly the right position to distance the vertical from the side of the camera accurately. While this might seem a little ill-fitting at first regarding asthetics, it makes complete sense practically.

The ability to adjust the verticle position is also beneficial, although not needed for the A7 III I tested the L-bracket.

NiSi NLP-S L-Bracket

A couple of the other features that stood out during the test were the 1/4-inch threads. These are well positioned, and three different accessory arm mounting options give you some lightweight functionality that you would usually expect from a larger cage.

On the base, the other 1/4-inch thread gives yet another mounting option which could come in use with motion accessories.

Finally, the actual Arca-Swiss compatibility was spot on when used with the Explorer tripod and several other manufacturers. Both in landscape and portrait orientations.

Once clamped, the L-Bracket holds the camera firm and in position with very little to fault.

Final Thoughts

The NiSi NLP-S L-Bracket is a lightweight slimline accessory that will compliment your camera and its useability. The design is seemingly simple, yet with the adjustments available for the vertical position and the additional 1/4-inch threads, there’s plenty of flexibility regarding fit and use.

The most important feature is, of course, the quality of the Arca-Swiss compatible plate, and the design and machine quality are excellent, both the horizontal and vertical.

If you need an L-Bracket, the simplicity of the NiSi NLP-S with the added 1/4-inch threads makes it a very neat and well-priced solution.

NiSi NLP-S L-Bracket


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