Reviews |Nextorage NX-F2PRO UHS-II SD Card Review

Nextorage NX-F2PRO UHS-II SD Card Review

Nextorage: NX-F2PRO UHS-II SD Card

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Our Verdict

The NX-F2PRO Series SDXC UHS-II U3 V90 Memory Card is a robust, high-speed, high-capacity storage solution for professional photographers and videographers. In our test, the card impressively delivered on its promises of high transfer speeds, durable construction, and great performance across various cameras. The claims that the card could withstand extreme conditions while maintaining superior performance proved positive through our test and showed that while the brand is little known, this memory card offers exceptional value at a competitive price. Whether shooting in 8K or snapping high-resolution stills, the NX-F2PRO series memory card will help ensure your camera meets its potential.


  • Exceptional Speed
  • Robust Durability
  • Great Capacity


  • Unknown Brand
  • Potential Longevity Concerns

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What is Nextorage NX-F2PRO UHS-II SD Card?

The NX-F2PRO is a series of high-capacity, high-speed SDXC UHS-II U3 V90 memory cards designed to cater to the demands of professional photographers and videographers. Built with an impressive data transfer speed of up to 300MB/s (read) and 280MB/s (write), this cards can handle intensive tasks such as continuous burst shooting and high-resolution video recording, including 8K footage. In addition to the impressive speed, the NX-F2PRO card boasts exceptional durability, being waterproof, temperature-proof, X-ray proof, and shockproof, some of which I’ll put to the test through the review, making it a reliable choice if you are shooting in challenging conditions.


  • Capacity: 256 GB / 128 GB / 64 GB
  • Speed ClassUHS-II: UHS-II
  • Max Read Speed300 MB/s: 300 MB/s
  • Max Write Speed260 MB/s: 260 MB/s
  • Durability: X-ray Proof, Water-Resistant, Shock-Resistant, Temperature extremes
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime

Build and Handling

The NX-F2PRO UHS-II SD card is compact and robust, designed to withstand harsh conditions. The plastic housing feels sturdy and can handle more than the occasional drop, and although cosmetically, it will inevitably start to show signs of wear, the all-important internal storage remains intact. Despite its durability, the card being SD remains lightweight and fits as it should into SD card slots in various devices and, of course, cameras. The labelling is clear, making it easy to identify amongst other cards and being SD, there isn’t much more to it.


The NX-F2PRO SD card is brimming with impressive features. The standout attribute is its remarkable speed, hitting a maximum write speed of 280 MB/s and a read speed of 300 MB/s, as quoted by Nextorage. This makes it ideal for high-resolution photography and 4K and some 8K video recordings.

Another key feature is its high capacity of 128GB, offering ample storage for large files. Furthermore, it’s built for extreme conditions and resistant to X-rays, magnets, shocks, water, and temperature changes.

The card also supports V90 video speed class, enabling sustained video capture rates of 90MB/s. These features make the NX-F2PRO SD card a versatile and high-performing storage solution.

Nextorage: NX-F2PRO UHS-II SD Card


The NX-F2PRO SD Card delivers an impressive performance. It keeps pace without issue when used in my Canon EOS R5 C, Sony A7 III, and Canon EOS R5, indicating that if you have an SD card slot in your camera, then the likelihood is that this card will work absolutely fine.

The card reliably hits near its maximum speed specifications, with real-world tests showing write speeds of 210.1MB/s and read speeds of 256MB/s. Its high-speed capability significantly improves camera performance, especially in the R5, when comparing sequential shooting rates with this card against a standard UHS-I card.

The card also excels in harsh conditions, functioning flawlessly even after exposure to 45ºC heat and -5ºC cold temperatures. Its water resistance claim was also tested, and the card worked fine after being submerged for 48 hours, not quite the quoted 72 hours, and before you ask, yes, I left it to dry out completely before putting it back in the camera.

Nextorage: NX-F2PRO UHS-II SD Card

By the end of the test, the card’s performance stood out. Transfer speeds might not quite have hit the incredible potential speeds offered on the packaging, but I felt that this was due to the MacBooks internal SD reader rather than the card, and those speeds are quoted from lab conditions. Either way, it put in an excellent performance that far outstripped many of its rivals.

The durability was also exceptional with the test seeing the card baked in the sun, frozen and dropped into the water and still surviving. Although non of the above is advisable, it proves that this card isn’t just another cheap SD card but something more, and a card that can be relied on in the long run.

Nextorage NX-F2PRO UHS-II SD Card test results
Write speeds of 210.1MB/s
Read speeds of 256MB/s

Final thoughts

The NX-F2PRO UHS-II SD card lives up to the specification and feature claims that the manufacturer makes. Not only does it provide top-tier performance with impressive read and write speeds, but it also proves remarkably tough. Its ability to withstand temperature extremes, water submersion, and rough handling is impressive. This resilience and its performance make it suitable for various professional applications, from high-end photography to video production.

Additionally, this card’s value for money, especially compared to other high-end SD cards, is undeniable. The NX-F2PRO is a robust and reliable choice for enhanced performance and durability.

Nextorage: NX-F2PRO UHS-II SD Card