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Nextorage 128GB UHS-II SE Review

Nextorage 1280GB UHS-II SE

Our Verdict

The Nextorage UHS-II SD Memory Card offers a high-performance, durable storage solution for enthusiasts and professionals. It delivers excellent transfer speeds that will appeal to anyone who owns one of the latest high-resolution cameras.

Through the review the card’s robustness was proven through various rigorous tests, proving it reliable under different conditions. The Memory Card File Rescue app is a notable feature which aids data recovery if the worst should happen.

Despite being a lesser-known brand, Nextorage again convincingly demonstrates its quality with this offering.


  • Fast transfer speeds
  • Durable design
  • Data recovery app


  • Lesser-known brand
  • Registering complications for recovery App

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What is the Nextorage’s UHS-II SD?

Nextorage’s UHS-II SD Memory Card is a high-quality memory solution for photographers and videographers. The card stands out due to its impressive transfer speeds, with a maximum read speed of 280MB/s, while the write speeds lags behind at 100MB/s for the 128GB review sample is still more than enough for most cameras.

Furthermore, it has an IPX7 rating, indicating its water and shock resistance, making it a reliable companion for photographers in the field.

The card also has the Memory Card File Rescue app for data recovery, this can be downloaded from the Nextorage website and once you figure it out is an excellent solution.

Nextorage 1280GB UHS-II SE


  • Technology: UHS-II
  • Read speeds: Up to 280MB/s
  • Write speeds: 100MB/s for 128GB; 170MB/s for 256GB & 512GB
  • Durability: IPX7 rated (Waterproof & shock resistant)
  • Data Recovery: Memory Card File Rescue app

Build and Handling

Let’s start with the basics of the card from Nextorage. The first test is to see if the SD card actually meets standard memory card specifications, thankfully it passes with flying colours fitting well into the camera slots without issue.

The card itself feels well-made, with a sturdy and robust structure that suggests durability and backs up the list of protections that are in place for this card. One of those protections is the IPX7-rated durability which is beneficial, providing peace of mind in challenging shooting conditions.

Nextorage 1280GB UHS-II SE


The Nextorage UHS-II SD Memory Card is equipped with UHS-II technology, ensuring high-speed data transfers of up to 280MB/s.

With write speeds ranging from 100MB/s (128GB version) to 170MB/s (256GB & 512GB versions), the card effectively handles a variety of shooting demands. In this test, I’m looking at the slower, but not that slow 128GB version.

Again the level of protection built into the card is impressive with an IPX7 rating indicating impressive water and shock resistance, a handy feature if you often work in adverse conditions.

A nice feature that I saw with the previous card I reviewed from Nextorage is the Memory Card File Rescue app, which provides a helpful solution for data recovery.

Nextorage 1280GB UHS-II SE


The Nextorage UHS-II SD Memory Card proves itself as a reliable storage solution when put to the test. The card’s write speeds were evaluated using the Blackmagic Disk Speed tool and the 128GB card peaked at 93.2MB/s – a figure slightly lower than Nextorage’s quoted 100MB/s, but impressive nonetheless. The read speeds achieving a swift 222.2MB/s, so again not bad, but not quite the promised maximum transfer speed of 280MB/s.

The card was tested using the Canon EOS R5 C and Sony A7R V cameras in real-world use. Both cameras are known for their high-resolution photography and video capabilities, which can be an issue for some SD cards. Yet, in my test the Nextorage SD card was unfazed. It handled the continuous shooting and video recording at various resolutions without a hitch, testifying to its robust performance.

Its durability was also tested, subjected to freezing conditions and 72-hour water immersion in a cup of water rather than 5m down, simulating the harsh conditions it might encounter in the field, or a pint of beer at the end of a shoot. Despite these extremes, the card maintained its top performance, demonstrating no noticeable speed or data integrity degradation.

This IPX7-rated durability and its high-speed performance make the Nextorage SD card a compelling choice for photographers in diverse shooting conditions.

Nextorage 1280GB UHS-II SE test results
Write speed of 93.2MB/s
Read speed of 222.2MB/s

Final thoughts

While from a lesser-known brand, the Nextorage UHS-II SD Memory Card certainly leaves a strong impression. Its robust design, high-speed data transfer, and write speeds make it an excellent choice for all types of photography, particularly for those who often find themselves in challenging environments.

While it may not revolutionise your photography experience, it makes it smoother and more reliable. The Memory Card File Rescue app, although having some initial registration issues, is a valuable addition to data recovery.