Reviews |Neewer MS150B Bi-Color LED review 

Neewer MS150B Bi-Color LED review 

Compact and powerful lighting solution for stills and video

Neewer MS150B Bi-Color LED compact size

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Our Verdict

Compared with some of Neewer’s other lighting offerings, the Neewer MS150B represents a step up in price. At just over $300/£300, the price tag may initially seem a bit steep compared to many similar continuous light options. However, once you start using it, you’ll see that it really is a significant step up in both quality and performance.

Featuring COB LED lighting power, a decent Bi-Colour range, and a plethora of effects and adjustments; the Neewer MS150B offers a lot of standard video light. It even transitions smoothly to still photography, where its features and performance add the ease of use that continuous lighting has over flash.

What’s truly impressive is how the Neewer MS150 B’s value grows the more you use it. Once you integrate it with the app for iOS and Android, its capabilities take another leap forward.

Honestly, for the price, these COB lights are really hard to fault or surpass in terms of performance and features.


  • Portable and Lightweight
  • Wide Color Range
  • Advanced Control Options


  • Batteries Not Included
  • Limited Power Sources
  • No Simultaneous Charging

What is the Neewer MS150B?

Simply put, the Neewer MS150B is a mid-range constant light primarily designed for video. However, its compact size, power, and options also make it perfectly suited for still photography.

A year ago, several features of this light would have made it instantly stand out. However, today, many of these features are becoming more standard, with multiple different manufacturers producing compact lighting that continues to break new ground. Notable examples include ZHIYUN with their incredible G200 and SmallRig with the small but perfectly formed RC 60B.

The Neewer MS150B directly competes with these products, matching their powerful COB LED, Bi-Colour capabilities, and quality of design. Like these other products, the Neewer MS150B has been designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing kit. Despite its small size, the light is quite powerful, and you have the option to fit either the own-branded Neewer light modifiers or, with an adapter, traditional Bowens fit.

Neewer MS150B Bi-Color LED bowens adapter

Of all the new wave of lighting products, the Neewer MS150B is most likely to appeal to those who don’t want a significant departure from old continuous lighting. The design and controls will feel familiar to many. Additionally, there are plenty of options for powering the light, from standard AC to dual NP-F970 batteries with the supplied adapter.

Function and features are one thing, but the price also reflects exceptional build quality. While NEEWER is well-known for its affordable lighting, this product elevates the quality we’ve come to expect from the company. While enthusiasts often buy NEEWER products, this light will find wide appeal with professionals looking for build quality alongside features suitable for prolonged use.


  • Dimming Range: 0-100%
  • Colour Temperature: 2700K-6500K
  • CRI: 97+
  • TLCI: 98+
  • Output Power: 130W
  • Maximum Illuminance: 200000lux@0.5m
  • Dimensions: 19.5 x 9.5 x 8 cm
  • Weight: 980 g

Build and Handling

We must start by acknowledging the outstanding build quality of the Neewer MS150B. If you’re familiar with NEEWER products or have used them in the past, you’ll know they’re functional but often need more build quality. The MS150B, however, is a complete departure from this trend, boasting full metal construction and refined product design. This not only makes the lights aesthetically pleasing but also ensures they perform reliably over extended periods.

The design is reminiscent of traditional constant lighting, with the bulb (or LED, in this case) at the front, mounted at the base, and controlled at the back. The main construction material is metal, which not only looks great but also imparts a robust feel to the light. Despite being a £300 light, it feels significantly more premium.

Neewer MS150B Bi-Color LED on power

The layout of the dials and controls on the back is neatly arranged. Once powered up, navigating through options and settings is straightforward. Designed primarily for video, the lights can be left on for extended periods and are designed to run from an external power source, either direct AC from the wall or through two NP-F970 batteries.

A mounting grip is included for handheld use, or it can be attached to a standard 5/8-inch socket on a lighting stand. The mount screws directly into the base of the light via a 1/4-inch thread, making it easy to mount onto a tripod as well.

At the front of the light are the COB LED and the NEEWER mount, which is a smaller version of the Bowens-style mount. NEEWER sells an adapter that allows for quick attachment of standard Bowens lighting modifiers.

The real breakthrough in control comes with the APP control. While the experience isn’t the smoothest, the app is perfectly usable. It’s easy enough to find and adjust all the options you need, and you can quickly modify the colour balance and brightness with a swipe on the screen slider. Moreover, if you own more than one of these lights, you can group and control several remotely, which is a significant advantage in a production setting.


The Neewer MS150B offers a range of features, making it an excellent choice for photographers and videographers seeking a versatile lighting solution. Its size and design make it well-suited for handheld use, and the mini COB light is surprisingly powerful. A major advantage of the COB LEDs, besides their compact size, is their ability to provide a range of adjustable lighting temperatures, spanning from a warm 2700K to a crisp 6500K.

In terms of colour accuracy, the MS150B shines with a high CRI (Color Rendering Index) of over 97 and a TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index) of over 98, ensuring that colours in your photographs and videos are reproduced faithfully and vibrantly. This level of accuracy is crucial for professionals who demand the highest quality in colour reproduction.

The light also boasts 12 special effects, adding to its creative versatility. These effects include dynamic lighting scenarios like lightning, making it a valuable special effects tool for video productions and adding a fun element to photography sessions.

Neewer MS150B Bi-Color LED adjustment

Another notable feature is the PWM (Pulse-Width Modulation) dimming technology, which allows for incredibly precise control over the brightness. This is particularly useful for fine-tuning lighting to suit the specific conditions of your shoot, whether in a dimly lit room or under bright sunlight.

One feature that has particularly appealed to me during testing is the cooling system. To ensure optimal performance during extended use, the light is equipped with four heat dissipation modes. These effectively manage the light’s temperature, maintaining optimal performance and extending its lifespan.

Remote control is made easy with the Neewer Infinity APP and a built-in 2.4G receiver. The app allows for adjustments and control over the light’s settings directly from your smartphone. Additionally, the 2.4G mode enables control of multiple lights in a group, which simplifies managing complex lighting setups. However, as I only have one light for this test, I need help to delve into these multi-light control options.

Power flexibility is also a key feature. The MS150B can be powered using either NP-F970 batteries for on-location shoots or an AC power adapter for studio work.

Finally, the inclusion of a Bowens mount adapter allows the MS150B to be compatible with a wide array of light modifiers, such as softboxes and beauty dishes, enhancing its versatility in different shooting environments


Before discussing the performance, it’s important to note that during the test, most adjustments to settings were made directly on the back of the light rather than through the app. This was mainly because I only had one light, and while the app was useful, I was usually close enough to adjust the brightness or temperature directly. This preference is more out of habit than anything else.

When I did use the app, it connected easily and enabled me to take control of the lighting settings, all simply and straightforwardly.

Regarding the lamp setup, it was quick and easy. The lamp mounts onto a standard lighting stand with the supplied adapter, which also doubles as a grip for handheld work – a nice addition. They also include the dual NP-F970 mount, so you have nearly everything you need to get started, aside from the batteries. Even then, there’s an AC adapter that plugs directly into a wall socket.

Neewer MS150B Bi-Color LED top

In terms of the design, it’s almost completely spot-on in use. My only issue was the lack of a carry handle on the light, which I always find useful, so I might 3D print and attach one at some point.

Design-wise, the light looks great with large venting through which you can see the heat sink. Cooling has obviously been a major consideration for this light. Alongside the engineered cooling hardware, the light also features temperature modes. These can be accessed through the menu system, and the cooling fans and brightness can be adjusted to ensure the longevity of the light’s life.

Other settings are quick and easy to find through the two-dial menu system. In lighting mode, there’s just temperature and brightness, while in scene mode, you have the 12 different lighting effect options – nothing too confusing or complicated.

For video use, the light, with lighting modifiers, works well as a decent fill light, offering plenty of scope for adjustment. Three of these would make a fantastic professional lighting setup for interviews, really simple and at an outlay of less than £1000/$1000 for the setup or £1600/$1600 for a five-light setup. This is incredibly affordable for the quality of light you get.

In use, this light was intuitive, integrating seamlessly with other lighting we were using. The MS150B was utilised as the main light due to its power and quality of illumination.

When it comes to physical design, the light fits in perfectly with existing lighting and works in much the same way. For photography alongside video, that brightness really comes in handy, providing an outstanding and well-priced lighting solution.

Final Thoughts

At present, there’s an abundance of excellent lighting solutions pushing the boundaries of traditional designs, and what’s exciting is that each manufacturer is adopting a slightly different approach in terms of design and features.

While the MS150B retains a more traditional appearance on the surface, the quality of its build and design is simply outstanding, as is the quality of the light it produces.

Used in its simplest form, the colour accuracy of the light projection is consistent, meaning that if you wish to blend this lamp with others, it matches well. The design also supports prolonged use without overheating; it provides light for a day’s shoot without the temperature warning that often appears with some other units. Mind you, the ambient temperature is currently around 18ºC indoors, so it may perform differently in warmer climates – something I hope to test further in the summer months.

Neewer MS150B Bi-Color LED AC power

If there were anything to critique, it would be the lack of a rear handle, which is surprisingly useful when grabbing a light from a bag, often carrying two or three at a time. The absence of RGB is another aspect; it’s increasingly a feature in lighting and can be quite useful. Finally, one light is just not enough, and during this test, it was paired with lights from Rotolight and ZHIYUN to great effect. While the app looks great, its true impact on remote operation is best seen when controlling a full setup.

For me, the key features that make this lamp stand out are its design, including the fact that the Bowens adapter is part of the kit. It’s easy to use and offers so many additional opportunities. Then there’s the ease of use, following traditional conventions on one hand while offering up-to-date features like Bi-Colour and Scene modes in one small package. And, of course, the app shows so much potential and is something I hope to explore more in the future.

As a single light unit, the power, quality of illumination, and build quality make the MS150B a sound investment for both enthusiasts and professionals.