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Nanlite FS-60B Review

Nanlite FS-60B review

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Our Verdict

The Nanlite FS-60B looks like a standard location light; however, it’s smaller and lighter, at around half the size and weight. Despite that size reduction, everything else about the lamp is big, with plenty of lighting power, controllable colour temperature, Bowens mount and even an app.

While this type of lamp is commonly used as easy on-location lighting, the Nanlite FS-60B marks something of a change, making it much more adaptable. While the light is perfectly suited to working in small video studios or on location, the small size and power make this a perfect light source for photoshoots.

Small is, in fact better, and in use; the size and weight mean that it’s incredibly easy to manoeuvre into position, making it an ideal option for top as well as backlighting. The Nanlite FS-60B features wireless connection through an iOS or Android app. The App is where this light comes into its own with the ability to adjust the light even if you can’t access the back.

Overall an outstanding light that offers plenty of power and flexibility at a great price.


  • Compact
  • Bowens mount
  • App controllable


  • Requires external power

What is the Nanlite FS-60B?

The Nanlite FS-60B is a small-location light with all the features of the standard-sized units packed down into a small form factor. While the size is small at 247 × 134 × 87mm and weighing in at 0.85kg, the performance is big with a power rating of 70W and an adjustable CCT of between 2700K-6500K.

This makes the small light directly comparable with models double the size. Moreover, as this light is from Nanlite, colour accuracy is a paramount feature, which means that this is an ideal solution for anyone using the light to capture colour-critical content. The LED, while being adjustable, enables a CRI that averages 96% and TLCI that averages 97% with the full dimming ability through the range.

Control of the Nanlite FS-60B comes through a neat panel on the back of the unit that clearly shows your settings and adjustments. What’s nice about the Nanlite FS-60B and what makes this unit stand out against other similar products is the inclusion of a 2.4G Bluetooth connection. This connection enables you to connect to the app and control all settings remotely.

While this type of light has traditionally been used for video, the Nanlite FS-60B incorporates enough power to be used successfully for photography. As standard, the lamp comes with a Bowens adapter, and Nanlite produces a huge range of lighting modifiers that will enable photographers and videographers to manipulate the light in the way they need for their shoots.

One of the features that many videographers can make use of is video lighting effects. These are quickly selectable and enable the light to mimic real-life lighting situations such as CCT Loop, INT Loop, Flash, Pulse, Storm, TV, Paparazzi, Candle/Fire, Bad Bulb, Firework, Explosion and Welding.

For such a small light, there’s a lot on offer.


  • Rated power: 70W
  • Input Voltage/Current: AC100-240V 50/60Hz
  • CCT: 2700K-6500K
  • CRI: Average 96
  • TLCI: Average 97
  • Dimming: 0-100% continuous
  • Special Effects: CCT Loop, INT Loop, Flash, Pulse, Storm, TV, Paparazzi, Candle/Fire, Bad Bulb, Firework, Explosion and Welding
  • Weight: Light Fixture : 0.85kg / 1.87lb
  • Dimensions: 665 × 385 × 380mm / 26.2″ × 15.2″ × 14.9″


One issue with traditional video lighting is that it can be tricky to handle, ok the lights being LED no longer reach scorching temperatures that we used to endure with the likes of Red Heads, but still. If you’re on your own or filming with a small production team, lighting can still be cumbersome, you have the lights, stands, external power source, and batteries, and then there are modifiers and adjustments, not to mention weighting the stands, so the lights don’t topple mid shot.

The first thing that stands out is all the features of larger models are here, along with quite a few additions. There is, of course, brightness control, and the 70W of illumination is a good level for most indoor lighting situations; pop on the reflector that comes in the box, and you get 13,360Lux at 1m. This illumination level is great for set pieces and indoor interview situations, as well as some exterior shots although a little more power will be required on bright days.

To maximise light blending, there’s Bi-colour control enabling easy adjustment of the lamp so that it matches the colour temperature of the ambient light in the room. This adjustment can be made easily through the controls on the back and offers a temperature range of 2700k-6500k.

Nanlite FS-60B review

As with similar lamps, there’s the ability to attach Bowen light modifiers, and Nanlite produces a good range of brand options. However, if you already own Bowens fit modifiers such as diffusers or barn doors from another manufacturer, these will also fit. The modifier mount is of excellent quality, so no worries about using larger modifiers with this smaller lamp.

In use, the feature that stands out is the BlueTooth App. Initially, I had a few difficulties with the connection, but a later update to the phone and clearing some space seemed to fix the issue. Once the app is connected, the workflow was simple, with the App able to adjust the lamp with a tap of control on the screen. With a single lamp, this is relatively useful, and as I was only using one in this test, it enabled me to adjust the brightness and colour temperature with ease.

However, it’s obvious where this lamp will really come into its own, and that is when you use the app with multiple lamps. This essentially will give you full lighting control in the palm of your hand, a very useful feature. In an interview situation, this functionality would be ideal, enabling you to adjust the lights from behind the camera.

Nanlite FS-60B review

The only issue with the lights is that there is no option for a battery mount with power supplied through a mains cable required. I found using a power station did the job in the field; otherwise mains power if you’re in the studio.

Final Thoughts

As a compact lighting solution, the Nanlite FS-60B packs some power. The 70W of power, when shaped, proves to be highly effective, and the amount of control the light offers is well-balanced.

What stands out is the obvious compact size and weight, which made it extremely easy to manoeuvre; it also meant that in small areas, it was easy to place the lamp exactly where it was needed.

Through the test, it was obvious that using just one of these lights only gives you a feeling of the full potential, with the real power of the Nanlite FS-60B being revealed when you use a larger three or four-light set-up. However, in this test and using the lamp for a simple direct-to-camera lighting set-up, these small lights showed loads of potential.

Nanlite FS-60B review

The BlueTooth with control App adds another element to the lamp’s use and elevates these over competitors regarding ease of use. Taking three of these with you and using the app to control sounds like an ideal scenario.

Overall the compact size, power, versatility, app, Bowens mount and design make these essential for any small videography or photography outfit that requires a solid lighting solution with loads of scope and potential.

Nanlite FS-60B review